Tried Another #BookBrush Ad

An ad for my ebook novella, The Emissary, made
in just minutes!

I had about ten minutes to spare before I needed to head out to see the doctor, so I put together another very quick ad. This program/site is sort of amazing, if you ask me. When I have time to really hunt for some great images, and think about what I want to include, I believe it will do the job perfectly!

If you think I’m loving BookBrush, you’d be right. Oh, and I found out I can simply create 3-D books, even without setting them up as an ad. Whoa! I made a few like these  for my book of poetry, in less than 5 minutes.  I’m sold!


48 thoughts on “Tried Another #BookBrush Ad

  1. It’s great, isn’t it? I now have images of The Prince’s Man on two phones and a tablet – super for all sorts of advertising!
    My only wish is you could see this vast catalogue of free photos without having to use the search feature – unless you’ve figured out how to do that? I’d like to be able to look and be inspired, not have to search for specific tags.

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    • I haven’t even tried that yet, Debby. I’ve just gone to the “background button” that says Community
      Templates. I haven’t tried just searching for one of their backgrounds. But I WILL, because this is just FAST. 😀 If I learn any new tricks, I’ll be sure to share them, and I would love it if you did likewise. (When time allows, of course. ALWAYS a problem, eh?) 😀

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    • There’s an instructional video on the entry page, Mary. After that I just went to the Creator page and clicked on each step, one at a time, playing around until they looked like I wanted. It’s kind of self-explanatory after you get going, but there isn’t an “Undo” button (that I’ve found.) A couple of times I tried an effect and didn’t like it, and was forced to start over. But even then, it was fast. Just what I was looking for! 🙂 Take a look when you get a minute. You might find it isn’t so confusing as you imagine. 😀

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    • I didn’t know about it, either, Robbie, but I’m sure learning now. I can create some nice enough graphics in PaintShopPro, but it’s more time consuming, and I didn’t like trying to make the 3D images. On BookBrush, there are templates for those and all you do is upload your cover .jpg, and it plugs it right into the template you select. Easy-peasy! 😀 Hope you enjoy trying it out.

      And my doctor’s appointment went better than I expected. It seems the areas treated with the Effudex are just taking longer to heal than usual, but that’s not uncommon for me even with scratches and scrapes. He IS going to do a very thin “scrape” biopsy on one spot on my nose, just to be sure, but I can wait until my regular check up in April. He doesn’t think it’s going to be anything to worry about. Whew. I was SO relieved! Smiling today, though! 😀


    • I think it might depend on the “fool” who’s trying it out. Hahahaha. Seriously, I KNOW you can do this. And if you get stuck, give a holler, and I’ll help if I can.

      There is a video on the main page that shows you how the main steps, and the process is set up for you to choose what you want to make & what size (with templates for things like Facebook headers or BookBub ads), then you click on background, book templates, etc, in order, as you need them. You can drag and drop the elements around on the image, and resize them. You can type in your text, resize it, change the color, add a block of color behind it, etc. Lots and lots of options. And you can go back if you decide you’d rather have a different background, say.

      Just plan to give yourself time to experiment. You can always dump your creation and start over, if you don’t like how it looks, so you have nothing to lose by experimenting. It’s fun! 😀

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      • I’ve played with it a little bit, but I already have software that does that for me, so I’m not limited to three a month (or whatever the free version gives me in BookBrush). I know when I first tried BookBrush (before it was even called BookBrush), I rendered before I was done tweaking, and then I’d used up one of my options. But it’s not like I have thirty books coming out a month, and for a free tool, it really is wonderful.

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        • I have a full-bore graphics program, PaintShoPro, which is the poor man’s $100+ version of PhotoShop. Have had it for years, since I made a living doing digital painting. But it is cumbersome and can take a while, whereas BookBrush is super fast, and has so many wonderful templates, especially for 3D images, which are not my favorite thing to make in PSP.

          I gave the free BookdBrush version a try and knew immediately the time savings involved would make it worth $8 a month to me, so I signed up for a year. I’ve already created more really good ads in a couple of hours than I would have made in a couple of DAYS in PSP, so I’m very happy. Am going to check out some of Debby Lush’s suggestions, too. Anything that will help me come up with great images for promos in a fraction of the time as my big program is definitely worth my consideration. This is my year to MASTER marketing, and good images that look more professional is a fun place to start, I think. 😀

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                • Oh, I don’t buy anything I don’t think I’ll need, and as I say, I’ve got a program almost as powerful as PhotoShop for major graphic work, painting, etc. So I’m just looking at smaller, speedier solutions for projects I don’t want to spend hours on. I’ll probably stay with BookBrush for now, because so far, it’s doing everything I wanted, but I still like to keep my eyes open. (At least now that I’m getting serious about marketing.) 😀

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    • Aw, thanks, Pam! I do like to share great finds when possible, and I wish I remembered where I saw the BookBub article which led to the BookBrush link. I don’t, but you can bet it was a blogger who loves to share and I’m grateful to them–so, Pay It Forward, as they say. Hope you enjoy checking it out when time allows. 🙂

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    • I think you might find it quicker than Canva, though having lots of options is always a good thing. With BookBrush, so much of the work is already done for you, and it’s focussed on ads, rather than just pretty images. And the templates available in their Community are wonderful places to start. Just swap out the book images and text, and you’re ready to go. Hope you continue to enjoy the features there, and add it to your arsenal! 😀

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