Am I Blogging Now? Wonder Bread

It’s pancakes for breakfast! Get something started.


FullSizeRender.jpg On the left is the gift that keeps on giving.   (On the right is a freeloader)

I started this blog almost two years ago simply as a place to post the flash fiction and occasional poetry written in response to prompts at other sites. ShiftnShake is a place of literary art. I write, but not my thoughts or feelings or what I had for lunch. I don’t post cat pictures. So what’s this?

No, that’s not a cat picture. It’s a picture of my sourdough starter that’s next to a cat. That sourdough starter is the other organism that lives in my household now, one that last weekend competed for my time and attention with the characters in my head who wanted me to write; it won. Or maybe it wasn’t a competition, but complementary parallel play. Maybe, like some of my insistent and chatty characters, that glob of dough…

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4 thoughts on “Am I Blogging Now? Wonder Bread

    • Good morning to you, D.! So nice to see you here again, and I’m glad you didn’t make us wait very long for a return visit, too. I’ve read your full post, and loved it! Folks, get on over there and check out what D. has to say today. I don’t bake bread, but I do have “starter plants.” Perhaps they will inspire me just as readily, if I nurture them as lovingly as you are nurturing your starter dough. Super post! ❤

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        • You can’t chase me off with a cat, you know. I live with FOUR of them, and generally consider them a higher life form than many people I’ve met. 😀 I’m one of those schmucks who can’t pass up a funny cat or dog video, so I’m pretty much hopeless. BUT. I did like how you cleverly used this one as a lure to get your point across to the widest audience possible. Well played! 😀 😀 😀

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