Thanks to Marcia for allowing me to share Annika Perry’s wonderful five star review of No More Mulberries on her blog. I was thrilled to see it – and to see the lovely comments from people who have already read the book. I spent the day in a warm glow 🙂


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this here today, Mary. Sorry I’m late to comment, but it’s been a crazy morning. And it doesn’t mean I’m not delighted to have you post this wonderful review! Hope you get a ton of new readers! (Me, included! Working on it, I swear!) 🙂 ❤

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      • I’m planning to reshuffle my TBR pile over the holidays, moving some of my favorite online writing friends up and a few bigger names down, at least a little bit. That way, maybe I can review more books for people I enjoy chatting with, but who aren’t necessarily household names across America already. Seems like a better plan, to me. Of course, if that dadblasted Jim Butcher ever publishes the next in the Dresden Files series (after a THREE YEAR delay from a book that left a lot of issues hanging!!!!), all bets are off. I love Harry Dresden almost as much as I love Santa Claus and the Wizard of Oz, and would drop everything to read that. But. I’m not holding my breath. 🙂 So, with any luck, I’ll be doing some reading for folks whose company I enjoy–like YOU. That will be fun AND a good way to help support the community.

        (Now, wasn’t that a long, rambling way to say I hope to read your book soon????)

        And the morning has been mostly good crazy, but now I’m tired. I guess I’ve reached the age where even (relatively) minor surgery slows me down. 😦 Oh, well. I’ll soon be back to normal. Probably. 😀

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          • Thanks, Mary. I’ve been pacing myself, honest. Lots of breaks, no heavy lifting, etc. But whatever isn’t up by Saturday is going back into the attic. I have visitors coming, and then we’re going to Charleston for a week if the doctor allows, so I need to finish whatever I’m doing, and have all the boxes away by Saturday night. It’s doable. I got a LOT done today. Putting out the Santas isn’t too hard. I know exactly where every single one of them goes, believe it or not. (Mark still can’t figure out how I know if one is missing, but I do.) 🙂 Harder is that I have 2 full-sized trees, and 3 small ones, so that’s a lot. I’ve done the 3 small ones. Tomorrow, I’ll focus on the bigger ones, then finish the last bits on Friday, I hope.

            Whatever happens, I’ve made up my mind that I’m done and packed away on Saturday. If it’s not out, I’ll live without it this year. But I truly missed all my beautiful Christmas things last year, and couldn’t wait to say hello to each and every one of them when we got it all down on Friday. Mark did the outside lights that day, and I’ve been working on the rest.

            BTW, I like “Pave yourself.” It’s kind of like, Pace yourself and Save yourself all in one, and I can use reminding about both of those things. 😀 ❤

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  2. Mary, this is a fabulous review of your work. Congratulations! I know I’ll love this story, and I’m so thrilled to discover it. I’ve added it to my holiday reading list. Cheers to you!
    Thanks, Marcia, for sharing, as always. 🙂

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