Visiting #HarmonyKentOnline Today

This morning, I have the pleasure of visiting with Harmony Kent, and sharing another excerpt from The Emissary 2: To Love Somebody. This is the next to last stop on my mini-tour, and I hope you ‘llΒ swing by to say hello, and pass the link along on your favorite social media hangouts. Thanks so much!

16 thoughts on “Visiting #HarmonyKentOnline Today

    • Thanks, Mary. That’s a scene from my beloved North Carolina mountains, not too far from where Mac & Sarah “live” on Wake-Robin Ridge. Autumn in those mountains is simply breathtaking. Glad you enjoyed the header. πŸ™‚ ❀

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        • You’re right that normally, they don’t get hurricanes, but Matthew wreaked havoc clear across North Carolina right up to the mountains, and left heavy flooding behind. However, that was the exception and not the rule.

          As for why I’m here instead of there, ask my husband. I’ve given up trying to convince him to move, and honestly, now that he only has a few more years to retirement, it would be financially foolish to quit his job. So, here we are for the time being. But believe me, if I ever get a chance to buy some property up there and put up a small A-frame, I’d be spending several months a year up there, for sure. πŸ™‚ NO place I’ve ever been tugs at my heart like those ancient, rolling hills. I’ve mentioned this before,but the Appalachian mountains are the oldest on the planet, and I swear, you can FEEL it when you’re there. *sigh* It’s been way too long since I visited.

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            • There are many, many things I like/love about Florida, especially our wildlife and the river habitats. (I’m NOT a beach or sun person, so the darker, shadier, more mysterious areas are what draw me). But I hate the heat with a passion, and even as much as I love my Florida flora and fauna, and gardening all winter, it doesn’t hold a candle to how much I love the mountains. Oddly enough, I didn’t realize how passionately I’d grow to love them until the first time I visited the Lake Lure/Asheville area of the Blue Ridge. I was a goner from the first look! I’ve been back many times, though not in the last 10 years, and it’s definitely time for another trip. Hey! I could write it off as research for my WRR series! Hmmm. *goes off smiling to self, dreaming of autumn leaves and icey water rushing over rocks*

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