#ShareAReviewDay – The Right Wrong Man by Pamela S. Wight

This afternoon, our guest is Pam Wight, who is sharing a lovely review of her novel The Right Wrong Man. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy reading this one, and thanks so much for sharing it throughout your social media links.

5.0 out of 5 Stars: A Gripping Romantic Thriller
By Annika on February 16, 2018

Wow!! The Right Wrong Man is a rollercoaster of a novel and manages to combine my two favourite genres into one book! The genteel calm beginning lulled me into a false sense of security before the tension and drama quickly escalated into a thriller interwoven with romance.

At the centre of the story is Meredith, a feisty woman torn between two men. The juxtaposition of the title hooked me before I’d even started to read the book. Is the right man wrong for Meredith or is the wrong man right for her? Many exciting adventures later, set in two wonderfully different locations of Boston and the Caribbean, the reader finally discovers the answer to this question. At the same time the secret behind the notes of the letters the TRMFY, which are pervasive throughout the book, is revealed. Wonderful!

The two men in her life are Parker and Gregory. The former she broke up with 12 months earlier but he suddenly resurfaces in her life, with warnings before he disappears again. The is not an uncommon occurrence and part and parcel of his crazy nomadic lifestyle as an undercover agent for Drug Enforcement Agency. Gregory, her current boyfriend, is an accountant. The latter is dependable, thoughtful … and we quickly gather rather boring.

But does she really know either of these men?

Throughout the tension is taut and palpable, even more so since the reader directly identifies with Meredith and her dramas as the book is written from her point of view. Her confusion mirrors ours, we feel her fear, disbelief, incredulity. Her familiar tone reveals her thoughts and feelings consistently and constantly.

The intense pace of the story, the terrific characterisation and the personal and bigger dramas ensured this was a book I did not want to put down. And often I didn’t – reading late into the night to finish it.

An excellent book and I look forward to reading more by this author.


Meredith Powers’ career as a medical editor seems safe enough as she searches for love with the right man. But she is pulled suddenly from her serene world in Boston to one of intrigue, kidnapping, and murder in the Caribbean. Meredith’s simple life becomes terribly complicated when she works with an author who drags her into a drug heist. The reappearance of her ex-boyfriend, the D.E.A. agent, and the stunning response from her current accountant boyfriend all lead to complications, danger, and more than a few questions.  Meredith wonders if she really knows the people who surround her in her daily life. Her parents, her best friends, her boss, and even her lover. She discovers that almost everyone holds secrets, and the unearthing of those cover-ups lead to mystery and danger that changes everything, and everyone, she thought she knew.

Author Pamela S. Wight

Pamela Wight is a successful author of romantic suspense as well as the author of the illustrated children’s book, BIRDS OF PARADISE, enjoyed by readers ages 3 to 93.

Her first book, THE RIGHT WRONG MAN, got rave reviews for taking readers “on an exciting adventure with lots of intrigue, unexpected plot twists, and romance.” A year later, Wight published her second novel, TWIN DESIRES. “Lots of suspense, plot twists, romance, and excellent character development makes this a fun read!”

The gorgeously illustrated BIRDS OF PARADISE has received many enthusiastic reviews: “This creative, compassionate story about birds will inspire children to notice the everyday adventures of backyard birds.”

Pamela earned her Master’s in English from Drew University, continued with postgraduate work at UC Berkeley in publishing, and teaches creative writing classes in Boston and San Francisco.

She lives in the Boston area with her “right man” and hikes the New England trails while concocting her next novel, As Lovely as a Lie. Wight travels frequently to the San Francisco Bay area for additional inspiration. She speaks to book clubs in both locations.

Many readers enjoy her “weekly blog on daily living” called Roughwighting. Join her there (www.roughwighting.net), or on her Roughwighting Facebook page at http://facebook.com/roughwighting

Buy The Right Wrong Man HERE.




46 thoughts on “#ShareAReviewDay – The Right Wrong Man by Pamela S. Wight

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    Reviews are important to authors and the sales of their books so it is with great pleasure I share this with you.
    I’m pleased to see this blogger doing their part to help other writers along their way.
    Have a look, and then if you wish buy the book today.

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    • Thanks for sharing this one, Patty! Since the start, my blog has always focused on writers helping writers, so this new Share A Review feature is just one more step in that direction. Glad I though of it! And glad you enjoyed it. 🙂


      • Always happy to support writers whenever I can, Pam, and was very pleased to have you be among the first to share a review with us. Hope this turns out to be one more weapon in the Marketing Armory, and will garner you more eyes on your books. Thanks again for taking part. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Thanks so much for taking part in #ShareAReviewDay, Pam. Very happy to have you here. I do owe you an apology because I made a mistake when I scheduled this. I’ve been doing these posts 2 per Tuesday, one going live at 8:00 and one going live at 1:00pm. Sadly, I forgot I have to type 13:00 for it to schedule posts at 1:00pm, so yours went live a few hours early. Like at 1:00am!! Doh. I can only try to do better with any future posts you want to share with us. And who knows? You might have caught the attention of a few midnight owls, in addition to all those who take a look throughout the day. Either way, I’m very glad to have you here today, and I know folks will be happy to share this review far and wide. 🙂

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    • I have no problem with an earlier posting, Marcia. We all have lots of followers from other countries who start their day a lot earlier than we do here in the States (in the scheme of things). I’d like to share this on my regular blog time on Friday. I just need to figure out how to do that. ;-0
      A zillion thanks for supporting other bloggers and writers the way you do. It means the moon and the stars.

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      • I’m so glad the earlier “Live Time” was okay with you, and good point about all our followers in other parts of the world. I just emailed you about reblogging this post. Let me know if you have any questions. And you are VERY welcome for any support I can offer. Because of my own busy schedule, I can’t do as much as I’d like, but when I can think of things that will fit into my work day, I’m happy to do them.

        Thank YOU very much for wanting to give this a go, and don’t forget, you can share more reviews in the week to come, too. 🙂 ❤

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      • Hey! There’s no crying in writing. Oh, wait. That’s baseball. There’s a lot of crying in writing, actually. Also in proofing and editing. And don’t even get me started on all the crying in READING. I’ve sniveled my way through truckloads of books in my lifetime. But I’m pretty sure there doesn’t need to be any crying in sharing. Mostly. 😀 😀 😀 I love that I got this idea and that it’s taking off so nicely! ❤

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    • So glad this post convinced you to read Pam’s book. That’s just the kind of thing I was hoping to see happen for everyone who shares a review in the weeks and months ahead. The more we put readers’ words out there, the more new folks will find these books, try them, and discover a new author they love. That’s the plan, anyway, and I think it’s working. Thanks for stopping by today, Miriam, and I hope you love The Right Wrong Man. (Isn’t that title just wonderful?) 🙂

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    I’m still on a “head-heal” as I recover from a concussion, but I was a guest author last Tuesday on The Write Stuff, in which author/blogger Marcia Meara highlights a wonderful review by Annika Perry of my novel The Right Wrong Man. Hope you hop over and see what she has to say!

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  4. We both thoroughly enjoy reading Pamela Wight’s blog as it is witty, extremely well written and interesting. I always read it aloud to my right man Ben so we can thoroughly enjoy her writing to the full. Great review ~ no doubt well deserved and I can’t wait to order the book!


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    • I love the idea of you reading my blog posts to your right man, Peta. In fact, you’ve just convinced me to go ahead and blog on Friday. I’m still on head-heal, but I felt inspired to write and share it. You’ll see why on Friday. 🙂

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