Marcia’s Resplendent Lagoon

Never been much for swimming

My style likened to that of a log

Don’t know what I was thinking

When I dove into my own murky blog.

The waters finally cleared some

I floated and began to look around

Saw a blog isn’t so boggy and scare-some

Well, let me tell you just what I found.

I was first picked up by some buckaroos

Who taught me more refined strokes

Finer teachers I couldn’t choose

They introduced me to other fine folks.

Like Florida waterways connected

By rivers, creeks and canals

I found that many blogs intersected

And met even more swimming pals.

I stopped being a bump on a log and

Bumped into friendly folks so kind

Who helped me figure out this blog-land,

Gave gifts of their space and their time.

And now I’m swimming at Write Stuff

In Marcia’s resplendent lagoon

so come on by for a swim often

and then return again real soon.

***D. Avery

Hi. I found Marcia’s hide-a-key, so may be showing up here now and again. I look forward to spending some time here with you and would enjoy interacting with the wonderful people that come by, but sometimes may have to just drop something off and then off to work or sleep, or both. If I am slow to respond it is not because I don’t appreciate your comments, it’s just life. But you know this lagoon. Come on in, the water is 

(I did that on purpose; adjectify your own water)

24 thoughts on “Marcia’s Resplendent Lagoon

  1. Good morning Marcia. Good luck with the contractors. I will do something more later when I am not exhausted. I am ok with the lack of promo. This is an introduction/thank you poem. I will not be around throughout the day either; work. (I’m the one not on a personal device)

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    • Welcome to The Write Stuff, D. 🙂 So happy you decided to come aboard, and drift around Marcia’s lagoon now and then. A GREAT introductory poem, btw. I have got to move your books to the top of the TBR pile. In fact, there’s no reason at all I can’t choose poems to read when I only have short breaks. That’s the beauty of poetry. You can fit a poem in almost anywhere. So that’s what I’m going to aim for. It’s great to have you here, and as long as you know you are free to link to your books when you stop by, I’ll let you decide when you wish to do so. *heading off for a paddle around my lagoon, now* . . . and the last line of your comment above is “warm, with nary a hint of alligators. Today.” 😀

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  2. What a lovely introduction to your lagoon, Marcia. D. has made it sound like a welcoming and comfortable place to be. I really enjoyed both her books of poetry and love everything she posts on her blog. She is a gifted writer. It is great to see her here.

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