#ExcerptWeek – Chicken Shift by D. Avery


Poet D. Avery is sharing two of her poems with us this week, and I’ve decided to start with this one, from her collection, Chicken Shift. Poem #2 will be along later in the week.  I know you will all enjoy this one, and will share it far and wide!


When Comes the Time

When comes the time, a road’s the place
The destiny some hens embrace
Chickens rise and leave the nest
To make their dreams manifest.
Their sojourn can’t end unless it begins
So they head out to look within
Pilgrims of regenerate faith
These chickens cross, they go with grace
They cross a road, they pass that test
Continue on their illimitable quest
Till comes the time when they stop, content
They know themselves and where they went.


D. Avery (196?-20??) has long been a compulsive poet. Despite a very important day job educating public school children, she is often distracted by this compulsion, as well as by life’s great questions, such as “Kayak, or bike?” Though she has come to realize that nothing difficult is ever easy, she believes that it’s all good.

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25 thoughts on “#ExcerptWeek – Chicken Shift by D. Avery

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. This poem is from a collection that is mostly chickens and their existential wanderings and wonderings (and some other road crossing critters. The next poem will be from a different collection, “For the Girls”, inspired by my experiences with breast cancer. Like you, perhaps, with scenes from Afghanistan, I used poetry to observe, record, and process.

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