Guest author: Marcia Meara – The Emissary… a new Riverbend book!

So pleased to be featured on Sue Vincent’s lovely Daily Echo blog today! Thanks to Sue for her tireless work in promoting writing in so many ways! Please stop by and take a look, and if you have time, share with the immediate world! I’d appreciate it hugely! 🙂 ❤ And while you're there, browse through some of the wonderful posts, poetry, and photography on Sue's blog. It's a great place to hangout!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

My thanks to Sue for letting me share the news of my newest book today. It’s a real pleasure to be here!

It’s always gratifying to discover readers are interested in the lives of secondary characters as well as those of the “stars” of my stories. After I published my second Riverbend novel, Finding Hunter, I began receiving a lot of questions about Gabe Angelino, the trucker who brought Hunter home. It appears Willow wasn’t the only one who thought he might be a real angel instead of just a good man. Even after I published book three, That Darkest Place, the interest in Gabe was still widespread. At every local event—book signings, eco tours, slide show presentations—someone invariably asks about that mysterious trucker.

Talk about writing on the wall! This message was written large enough that even someone with eyes as old as mine could read it…

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11 thoughts on “Guest author: Marcia Meara – The Emissary… a new Riverbend book!

    • Thanks so much, Olga. I really enjoyed the dynamics between Jake and Azrael, as they got to know each other, and Jake began to learn the ropes. It was really a fun story to tell, even the sad bits. 🙂


    • You’re welcome, Gerald, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. As for it being my “take,” only in the sense of a bit of “what-if-ery” fantasy. It isn’t meant to be any sort of actual religious doctrine, even mine, other than the basic truths spoken of here and there. In other words, I made it up.

      I’ve been absolutely slammed the last few days, myself. We’ve had teams of people here, cleaning out the garage and attic, and putting everything in a 20′ pod or a 16′ foot construction dumpsters. Both are filled to the brim. The dumpster will have to be emptied before construction even starts! It’s hard to believe all that stuff came out of our garage! I can guarantee it isn’t all going back! 😯

      Hoping demo of the roof and some of the walls will begin before much longer. Life is upside down. Will do a post later with some photos. What a mess!

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