#ExcerptWeek The Chocolatier by Brenda Scruggs

I would like to thank Marcia for this excerpt week. I look forward to seeing all the great talent and interesting books that will be posted.

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Chocolate has a reputation of healing a broken-heart. Swirl through the pages of this sweet romance of two unlikely people, one a chocolate heir and the other not fond of chocolate, to see if chocolate holds true to its reputation.

Charles Riviera an heir to a chocolate empire was perfectly content as Director of Marketing over Riviera Chocolate until, he literally bumps into Charlene Callaway. Would she melt his heart like heat melts chocolate?

Charlene Callaway finds herself far from home after finding her fiancé with another woman on their wedding day. The move had its challenges especially when she goes to work for a Chocolate Company and her new handsome boss.

When Charlene is abducted, her only thoughts were of Charles, The Chocolatier.


   “So, you like chocolate, I assume,” Charles asked.

Charlene’s thoughts twisted in her mind and she tried not to fidget. “Do I lie or tell the truth.” She paused and remembered honesty is the best policy. She looked him in the eye to appear confident. “No, not really. But, it’s the type of job that I feel qualified in doing and I believe I have a lot to offer this company.”

   Charles held his brow as it wanted to rise in surprise.  She wasn’t fond of chocolate. What woman doesn’t like chocolate? He interrupted. “So, you don’t like chocolate, that’s odd.”

   “It’s not that I don’t like chocolate,” she answered, as she slightly shrugged. “I’m just not fond of chocolate. And, I realize this could hamper me getting the job but honestly, I don’t see it being a problem since I meet all the requirements of an assistant. I’m a hard, dedicated worker and feel I can be an asset to this company. I will give it my best and as you can see, I had been an assistant in a big-name oil company in Bartlesville for several years.”

   Charles leaned forward and rested his hands on the desk, now he was very curious about her. She knew how to promote herself for the position, her portfolio was impressive, and she had experience. But, what surprised him the most was her honesty about not liking chocolate. He leaned back in his chair thinking she met all the requirements and had determination or else she would have left with the coffee accident but not a chocolate lover.

    A challenge whisked through his thoughts. This would be good for him personally. If he could convince her to fall in love with chocolate, then he had accomplished being the best Sales Marketer he could be. He closed her portfolio and stood buttoning his suit jacket. “Be here tomorrow. I want to show you something.”

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4 thoughts on “#ExcerptWeek The Chocolatier by Brenda Scruggs

  1. Great Excerpt, Brenda! I did add #ExcerptWeek to your title, so it will grab more attention for you, and I’m going to add some tags, as well. They will help more people find the post. So happy you are taking part this time, though I did credit Rebekkah with being the first one to post! SORRY!! I hadn’t seen your post yet. You definitely kicked things off, and Rebekkah came on strong right behind. Both of you were here on Opening Day, and I love that! Now I’m off to share this one. Thanks again for taking part, and your book sounds absolutely delicious. 😀


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