#NotesFromTheRiver – #WednesdayWonders

Female Anhinga

This week’s #NotesFromTheRiver  post features some of Doug Little’s great wildlife photos. Lots of pictures, not so many words. 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy and share. Thanks.

#NotesFromTheRiver – #WednesdayWonders

16 thoughts on “#NotesFromTheRiver – #WednesdayWonders

    • So glad you are enjoying it! I’m having a lot of fun with these posts, though it is sometimes hard to get a good one put together on time, each week. That should ease up a bit soon, I hope. 🙂

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        • OH, I’m pretty sure folks can get along without me from time to time (Some, perhaps all the time! 🙂 ). But I don’t like it when I can’t get around to everything I want to do, especially with other writers, promoting, sharing, etc. However, I’ve had to accept that at times, I won’t be able to make those things happen, as you said in a great post not long ago. Sometimes, we just have to empty the Inbox and move forward with a lighter load. 😀

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