Why You Should Never Live With A Romantic Hero

I’ve always said I love an angst-ridden tortured man–in BOOKS–believing that those I’ve met in real life would be far more trouble than they’re worth. This hilarious post just proves how right I am! Check it out. I promise you’ll LOL all over the place. 🙂

Tara Sparling writes

Sigh. Romantic heroes. They’re so bad, they’re good. They’re angry, but nobody else will ever love you the way they do. They’re filthy rich, tragically broken, and onlyYOU can fix them. What itwould be, to live with a romantic hero! Sheer heaven. Sigh.

But what really happens after ‘The End’? When dietary fibre andla vie quotidienneget in the way? What would it really belike to live witha tortured romantic hero? Especially if you’re – well,kind of anordinary person?

(This isanotherin the Why You Should Never Live With… series. Unreliable Narratorhere. Chick-Lit Heroinehere. Cop From A Crime Novelhere. Young Adult Protagonisthere. Literary Fiction Herohere. But now it’s time to get smoochy, folks.)

Why You Should Never Live With A Romantic Hero


It’s late. You’re in your pyjamas, watching an underwritten TV show about ahelpless yet defiant22-year-old woman who’s been hurt before. It’s been a long day…

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6 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Live With A Romantic Hero

    • Well, I hope your romantic hero’s broad shoulders aren’t splitting the seams of his dress shirts, and he’s not really “tragically broken.” Having written a story about a man who WAS–though he quite likes cheese sandwiches, and does all the cooking for his girl–I know how easily these angsty sorts can become impossible to deal with. 😀

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