Manatees, and Sea Cows, and Mermaids–Oh, My!


Just posted this week’s blog on the St. Johns River Eco Tours website, for those interested. All about manatees, this time, if you couldn’t guess. Some great photos, too. Check it out, if you have time, and I’d be SO appreciative if you’d share far and wide. Thanks!

Manatees, and Sea Cows, and Mermaids–Oh, My!

14 thoughts on “Manatees, and Sea Cows, and Mermaids–Oh, My!

    • You did, Mary, and I managed to leave a reply, too. 🙂 Not easy, when you are first getting used to a new, non-WordPress blog. I really appreciate your taking time to respond over there, too, because it looks good for Doug’s website. I’m so proud he asked me to do this, and am determined to find time for it every Wednesday. It feels good when folks respond. 🙂 THANKS!

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    • Thank you so much for sharing! I really appreciate it. And it’s great that you love manatees. Me, too, though beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder! 😀 Have a great day!


    • Glad you enjoyed it, Deb! I’m so tickled to have this new “forum” for chatting about some things near and dear to my heart: Florida’s wildlife and wild places. Stay tuned for something new each Wednesday! 🙂

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        • It is Doug’s new St Johns River Eco Tours website. He added a blog as a new feature, and asked me to author it weekly. So yes and no. #NotesFromTheRiver is my Wednesday blog post on a blog he owns. He may decide to post on it now and then, too. I don’t know. But that Wednesday nature post is mine. If you look at the top of the blog page, you’ll see the links to all sorts of cool stuff on his new website. Info on local authors, checklists on every species of bird and animals to inhabit the river basin, and info on all the kinds of tours available. You can even book a tour while there.

          Hope that clarifies a bit. (I did do an earlier post here on his new website, overall, but it’s been a couple of weeks ago. Again, the blog is a new feature on his revamped website, and I’ll be authoring a nature post there every Wednesday). 🙂

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            • Semantics. 🙂 I’m posting on the blog on his website, but since I’m the only one likely to post there with any regularity at all–maybe ever–I tend to think of it as “my blog on Doug’s site.” He wanted one up there, but he doesn’t have time to post, and asked me if I’d do a weekly feature for him. I figured it would be fun, give me an outlet for all my nature stuff, and give me exposure as a writer to a brand new audience. 😀 Win/win for me and for Doug. Hopefully. 😀 And if he ever decides he wants to post, too, he can always jump right in. Who knows what might happen going forward? But for now, look for my #NotesFromTheRiver on Wednesdays, over on Doug’s website. 😀 (Does that make me a permanent guest poster? Maybe that’s a less confusing way to phrase it?)

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                • Hahah. There IS something to that, but I’m busy sitting here at my computer ALL the time. Doug is out on the river almost every day, and unable to reach his. Plus, I don’t think he enjoys blogging particularly, which I definitely do. It would be easier if I had more time, too, but blogging about nature once a week is actually restorative to me, in a way, and reminds me that there IS a world beyond my desk! 😀 I was honored he asked if I’d do it, and happy to contribute to the success of his webpage, as best I can. He’s had one helluva tough year, losing his wife of 30 years and trying to continue their business without her, so being able to do something positive for him makes me feel good. Besides, I’m teaching myself to type with my toes, so I can post to two blogs at once. 😀 😀 😀

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