Wednesday’s #NotesFromTheRiver – Barred Owls

Today’s #NotesFromTheRiver blog post features one of central Florida’s most beautiful birds, the barred owl. Hope some of you will check out the post, and share with your friends. Doug Little’s beautiful photos are worth the visit, alone. To see (and hear) for yourself, go here: #NotesFromTheRiver – Barred Owls

11 thoughts on “Wednesday’s #NotesFromTheRiver – Barred Owls

    • That’s okay, Mary. It confused me, too. You have to sign in, and then type in the code letters, but there IS a way to only have to do it once. When I figure it out, I’ll share with you. OR, you can read the posts and leave comments here, if you prefer. Hope you took a minute to listen to the owl calls? They are extraordinary. 🙂

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  1. Most enjoyable, Marcia. I’m gearing up to start Swamp Ghosts soon (hopefully within the next week) so reading about creatures that inhabit river areas of Florida is perfect timing!
    P.S….left you a comment over there, too.

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    • Aw, thanks, Mae! So glad you are enjoying #NotesFromTheRiver, and I appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment over there. I really want to get the blog off to a good start. AND, woohoo! You’re getting ready to read Swamp Ghosts? I’M getting ready to read A Cold Tomorrow. I’m eager to see what you’ve done with Mothman!! 😀 Hope you enjoy meeting some of the quirky or downright bizarre denizens of Riverbend!

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    • Doug is a very good wildlife photographer, and those were all his pictures, taken from the deck of the Naiad. He has LENSES, and he knows how to use ’em. (Singing this! 😀 ) Hope you took a moment to listen to the calls? They are amazing.

      Funny story. One of the men who works with Mark came in with a recording for him to play for me. (He knows I’m a nature buff). He was concerned about what kind of wild animals were visiting his yard, and was very surprised to find out they were barred owls. Some of their calls sound more like wild chimpanzees, or something. 😀


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