Men: Hurry and return the dumb gift you got your wife!

Some timely gift-giving advice for our male followers from the ever-hilarious Ned Hickson. Men, you’d do well to heed his words. Women, it’s that time of year when brushing up on your body-hiding skills could come in handy. Enjoy!

Ned's Blog

imageSeveral years ago, I bought my wife an Epilady shaver for Christmas. Because it was a sleek, modern, electrical device costing over $50, there was no reason to suspect it would feel like someone had just ripped the hair out of her legs using Super Glue and a roll of duct tape. While I’m sure I’ve gotten my wife gifts she didn’t really like, she’s always accepted them graciously. But in this case, as she chased me through the house completely naked and swiping at my scalp with her new Epilady, two things came to mind:

1) She really hates this gift,
2) I shouldn’t have gotten her the cordless model.

Now, before I get an angry letter from Park Products, Inc., I should clarify that this was a long time ago, and I’m sure the latest model is a vast improvement over the one my wife hurled through…

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7 thoughts on “Men: Hurry and return the dumb gift you got your wife!

    • I don’t even know where our iron is! Honestly, I don’t buy anything that needs ironing, and once I showed Mark the trick of tossing a damp washrag in the dryer with a slightly wrinkled shirt, he discovered it works like a charm. So if he pulls something out of the closet that’s a wee bit rumpled, he steams it that way, and is good to go. I think the last thing I ironed was my Christmas tablecloth, LAST YEAR! Hahaha. (Don’t tell anyone. 😉 )

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