#MeetTheAuthor St. Johns River #EcoTour @marciameara


Join me on Thursday, December 8, at 1:30pm, for a two-hour ecotour on the beautiful St. Johns River, with a brief break mid-point for a reading and some Q&A. See the REAL Florida from the comfort of the Naiad, while enjoying nature in all its glory. Birds, alligators, manatees, bears, deer, and more can be spotted during these tours. Some pretty amazing wildlife (and that’s not counting ME! 😀 ) And there will be time for a book signing afterward, too.

The ecotour departs from Highbanks Marina, in DeBary, and is the best bang for your buck in all of central Florida. Call Doug at (386) 626-9004 to make your reservations today! You’ll be glad you did!

Hope to see you there!


33 thoughts on “#MeetTheAuthor St. Johns River #EcoTour @marciameara

  1. Oh, they really are fun, Judith! So peaceful, and relaxing, and you learn so much about the habitat and wildlife. I’m always happy when I get a chance to go out on the Naiad, even when it’ has nothing whatsoever to do with me or my books. The cruise, itself, is an adventure!

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  2. I took that tour with Marcia last spring with some friends and we had a great time. The river is such an unspoiled treasure. Plus . . . maybe Marcie will treat you to an excerpt from her next book. She did on our tour!

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    • Thanks, Liz. So nice to hear that you liked it. I really love doing them with Doug. And yep, when it’s an “official” Meet the Author” thing, we take a break for a reading. Haven’t decided what I’ll be reading from on this trip, though. Doug loves for me to read part of Rabbit’s prologue, but I also really enjoy reading the entire Harbinger prologue. It’s shorter and ends on a bit of a surprise.

      The river is the real star, though. You can always count on seeing something beautiful. We’ve been treated to wild turkey on the bank, bald eagles posing on limbs, and curious manatees coming right up to the boat. You just never know what wonderful thing you might see. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Liz. 🙂


    • Well, since I was inspired by Captain Jeanne Bell and her husband, photographer Doug Little, to write my first Riverbend book, Swamp Ghosts, it seemed a natural fit. St. Johns River Tours sells my books from the ticket booth, and several times a year, I go out with them on a special tour. It’s fun! And anyone who’s disappointed with the author knows they can always watch the alligators, instead. 🙂

      I’ll be doing more tours with them later in the spring, too, I’m sure, but for now, the December and January ones are the only ones with definite dates booked. I can’t wait! That river purely calls to me!

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        • I’m lucky enough to have my books being sold at several local venues, Deb, though the ecotour ticket booth is the most unusual, for sure. Not so sure the Famous Marsha ever shows up for tours, but the Famous Marcia does, as often as possible. 😀 😀 😀 And it’s always a wonderful trip. (Let me tell you sometime about the book club from over on the coast that showed up with coolers full of wine and snacks, and made me laugh the entire trip. Every group is unique and fun, but those folks were something else. In a good way!)

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              • Lol Marsh, you’re such a dinosaur! Just kidding. 🙂 Hey, there’s nothing like the real thing if you can do it. You’re probably already famous in the state of Florida! I’m going to need your autograph! 🙂 🙂

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                • Dinosaur? MOI? Oh, I don’t theeeeenk so. I know how to do a TON of stuff on my computer and online. I designed my first website using straight HTML code, and learned how to paint digitally with a Wacom tablet and electronic pen, and I know my way around most social media sites. I just don’t LIKE any form of social media except blogging, which basically is just writing. I love writing!

                  FB, in particular, annoys me. But I know how to do most of it. Its just not fun. And I hate even attending things like book release parties, much less the thought of doing one for myself, etc. But let me get up in front of a room full of people to talk about books and writing, and I’m quite at home. (Which is how I’m building that local readership I’m always on about.)

                  So, it’s more a matter of what I enjoy most, rather than my not having kept up enough to know how to do the other stuff. That, plus every minute spent on social media marketing is a minute I’m not writing, or shaking people’s hands & signing their books. That’s why I want a Virtual Assistant. I’d rather pay someone to do that part of it, and let me stick to the things I enjoy.

                  I am a lot of things and have plenty of faults, for sure, but I refuse . . . REFUSE, I tell ya! . . . to join the dinosaurs just yet. 😀

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                • Lol, I knew that would light a flame! I was kidding, and I do know how techsavvy you are Marsh. I was merely differentiating between the old fashioned personable way of socializing, compared to the online. And I have to say I’m with you, rather be talking in person. I know you and I are grand communicators. 🙂 And if I had one wish, it would be to have a virtual assistant!!!!! 🙂

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                • Flame, indeed!!! I have so many acquaintances who really ARE dinosaurs, many of whom are younger than I, and boy, do I NOT want to be lumped in with them, in that regard. Fine people though they may be, otherwise. Am I up to the minute on every new techie gadget? Nope. But I’m dang well not ambling along toward the Tar Pits, either!!! (Hang on a minute. Still swatting out flames, here!)

                  To be honest, I don’t see it as an Either/Or thing like some do. I see both as viable ways to enrich life, and to make sales and build readership. I just definitely enjoy one far more than the other. And btw, WARNING: If you get a Virtual Assistant before I do, I will haunt your dreams forever!!! 😀 I can handle the personal tweets and messages, but I want someone to take over the routine stuff, and scheduling, and researching the very best promo avenues for me, etc. I have loads of links, and no time to sit down and see what the requirements are for advertising on them. How pathetic is that?

                  And I’ve been working on ONE chapter all day long today, because I have to keep stopping to put up a few more Christmas decorations. On account as how I’m totally OCD over Christmas, and MUST have every tree decorated, and every Santa on display. (Trees in every room, and over 300 Santas in my vast collection.) SO HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO FIND TIME TO MARKET STUFF?????

                  I swear on a stack of Swamp Ghosts, I’m going to find an assistant after the first of the year. I need to spend 75% of my time writing. (I can cram the rest of my life into a mere 25%, can’t I?)
                  😀 😀 😀

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                • OMG I’m cracking upppppppp! You kill me! You are such a firecracker you don’t need anymore flame lighting, lol. And now you got me scared. I wouldn’t dare tell you if I got an assistant LOL. But I do hear you. I’m not even working on my new book again until the new year. I just can’t fight the forces. I’ve decided to deal with shyte and pre-write and research stuff for blog post, reviews and interviews, looking into doing videos, to take me into the end of January and I’m also taking an online course for a few weeks on freelance writing. So my plate is overflowing and I’m not sweating it. I want to take in some new learning and I think I’ll be taking a blog break for the first time in almost 4 years this winter. It’s been a tough year for many of us. Hoping my hub will be well enough for our winter getaway, and if so, I’m going to enjoy every penny of it doing whatever I please and reading many books, That’s all I want for Christmas! :)<3

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