Update on Hurricane Matthew and Us


We’ve worked like crazy, all day long, trying to corral all the garden tools, patio chairs, and terra cotta pots (a/k/a lethal flying missiles) all over the garden, and filling our large containers with drinking water, in case we lose water service, putting fresh batteries in flashlights,lamp oil in oil lamps, and otherwise, getting ready to hunker down and ride out the storm. All day  long, the updates have looked increasingly worse for our area, which has been under a “voluntary evacuation” order. And all day long, I’ve been wondering why the heck we didn’t volunteer.

But, tada! The latest update looks much better for us, so this is the one I’m going with. No matter if it changes later, or not. I like this one best, so I’m sticking with it. We are now showing up in the wind and rain zone, but no longer in the White Cone of Misery. Sadly, the folks along the coast are still in the Red Line of Death and Destruction, but hopefully, they have all left the area, as they were told to do, and will be safe.

You can see that Erin’s home is smack in the middle of that same Red Line of Death and  Destruction. Erin, however, is waaaaay over there to the west, in the panhandle, enjoying the Sunny Beach of Fun and Frolic. Smart, smart Erin. 🙂

I continue to hope Matthew will lurch drunkenly out to sea, as so many do, and Florida’s east coast will be spared. And it would be nice if no trees fall on me and mine during the night, though I suppose it’s too much to ask that we don’t lose power. *sigh* Oh, well. I’ll take what I can get, and be happy to get this storm behind us.

With any luck at all, I’ll be back to check on you in the morning. Wish us well!


14 thoughts on “Update on Hurricane Matthew and Us

    • Thanks, Marcia. It’s interesting that it looks better for us in Sanford, but hasn’t changed a bit for those on the coast. 😦 I’m truly worried about ALL of us, because the improvement in our area still leaves us in danger of some very heavy wind and rain. And those in the red zone are in terrible peril. I fear there will be significant destruction, and just hope none of the people who ignored the order to evacuate will pay for their poor judgment with their lives or the lives of their family members.


    • Thanks, Bill. I joked about it above, but that’s really my version of whistling by the graveyard. We won’t know how badly we’ll be hit for some hours yet, but I can’t imagine the coast can possibly escape devastating damage.


    • Thanks, Debby. We’ve already had some feeder bands of heavy rain, but the real action won’t take place for a few more hours. We need all the luck we can get. 🙂


  1. I hope the projections prove to be right. In DeLand, we’re pretty close to Sanford and should have similar conditions. It seems weird to just be sitting and waiting, but that’s all we can do. To all my fellow Floridians––best wishes on staying safe!


  2. I’m just seeing this now after watching the havoc Matthew wreaked on Florida. Crossing my fingers you and yours are fine and that you have power. I heard one million residents in the panhandle state are without!


  3. Holy crap Marsh. I’ve been following that storm and was relieved to hear it didn’t do the worst that was expected. So glad you’re safe! I emailed you 2 days ago and didn’t hear back, of course I know you had other things to tend to, just wanted to let you know. ❤


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