#ExcerptWeek Update


Just wanted to say that I’ve decided to extend #ExcerptWeek another two or three days, to accommodate everyone who has asked to be included. Submissions, however, are closed at this time, since I have several waiting to be shared, already.Β  Don’t worry if you didn’t get one sent in in time. I like to have #ExcerptWeek “events” every couple of months, so you’ll have more opportunities in the future, I promise.

Mark said if I extend things for another whole week, I can call it #ExcerptFortnight, but I think maybe I won’t go quite that far. πŸ™‚ Stay tuned for the next excerpt tomorrow, as I’m taking a bit of a break today. (Yeah, still fighting that little cold/bug/thingie. Nothing big, I’ve been assured, but it is leaving me with about 1/3 of my usual energy, so I think a rest day is in order.) But not to worry. More excerpts are coming!

Thanks for all the sharing and kind words you guys have been offering to our participants. I know they appreciate it! Now. As you were, folks. And have a great Sun’s Day.


6 thoughts on “#ExcerptWeek Update

    • You’re very welcome, Bill. It was a pleasure to talk turnips with you. πŸ™‚ Keep an eye peeled for the last few excerpts, and for the next #ExcerptWeek event, in a couple of months. And thanks for participating.


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