#ExcerptWeek Reminder!


It’s here again! As you can tell from Bill Engleson’s wonderful essay, #ExcerptWeek is underway.  (From the HOME page, his post is the one directly  under this one.) Just wanted to remind you all that any writer, of any skill level, from beginner to old pro, is invited to share with us this week. This time around, we even have several children’s authors in the mix,  which will be a lot of fun, I think.

Those of you who are regular contributors to the blog, please feel free to post at will, any time between now and the end of day next Sunday. No need to clear when. I have at least one post going up from new folks every day this week, so post yours any time you wish. Let’s make this the best #ExcerptWeek, yet!

And please remember to share far and wide. That’s what it’s all about! Now enjoy Bill’s post, and keep an eye out for the rest, as they show up.  Happy reading!

5 thoughts on “#ExcerptWeek Reminder!

    • Every post is on the Home page, one under the other, PLUS each has a separate, individual page for comments. 🙂 Glad you found Bill’s post. The Home Page is always the best place to start browsing, if you’ve arrived via a direct link to a Comments page.

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        • That’s true if the tweet comes from the comments page, but most come from the home page, I think. Also, this isn’t an optional thing. It’s just how WordPress generally sets it up (though there might be ways around it). But I think most folks know when they are on the Post page, rather than the Home page, so it hasn’t ever been an issue. At least not so far. And sometimes, the post is all they want to read, anyway, so it’s probably a wash, either way.

          Next time, though, I’ll refer to another post as being something to check from the home page. I’m pretty sure you know there’s one of those, and were just led astray by my phrasing. That’s my fault, so I’ll be careful in the future. In fact, I’ll go reword right now, to avoid any other confusion. Thanks, Chris. And thanks for all the folks you’ve sent my way via your reblog about #ExcerptWeek. I truly appreciate it, and think this week will be fun.

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