#NorseMythology by #NeilGaiman


Neil Gaiman AND Thor? In one book? Be still, my heart! Just thought I’d share this  with those who might be as excited as I am by the thought of a Gaiman anthology based on all the Norse mythology, from the beginning of the nine worlds, to Ragnarok, to rebirth. I’ve already preordered! (And for those who pick up on the line about Thor not being “the wisest of gods,” I’ll just say this: “Brains? Thor has brains, too?”) 😀

To read more and choose your preorder site, click HERE.


19 thoughts on “#NorseMythology by #NeilGaiman

    • I thought about you when I found this page (thank you for the heads up, Caitlin!). Loki IS mentioned, but I figured I’d let you read the blurb yourself. Personally, I can’t wait for this one! Marking my calendar for February 17 right NOW! 😀

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  1. Ooh, what a fabulous combination. I feel that buying impulse rushing through me…
    And Thor? Yes, not quite the brainiest, but who cares when he looks like that. (Marcia, you really should take a look at the new Ghostbusters movie – seeing Chris Hemsworth playing a vain and vacuous secretary is truly hilarious.)
    Loki, now – brains and looks – if only he wasn’t so tricksy.

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    • I think this book has the potential to be FABULOUS. I’m a big Neil Gaiman fan, anyway, and also of those scamps, Thor and Loki. (Can’t you just hear them BOTH grinding their teeth at being called “scamps?”) 😀 I’ve seen a picture or two from the new Ghostbusters, but haven’t seen the movie itself. (I don’t go to the theaters anymore because my hearing is too bad. But I do watch a few on DVD now and then, with closed captioning. I might have to give it a go when it’s available.) Pretty sure watching Chris Hemsworth do anything will work for me. I even liked him as the Woodsman in that Snow White movie a couple of years ago. Dirty, drunk, and dark-haired, and he still made me happy. 😀 Thanks for the reblog, too!

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    • Sorry, Sarah. My only exposure to Norse mythology comes from pop culture, I’m afraid. And a smattering of urban fantasy novels that touch on it, such as the Iron Druid series. All of these have somewhat corrupted it to suit the storyline of the book or movie, and it’s likely that Neil Gaiman has given us his own unique slant, too. But that’s what I’m going to love about this book. Gaiman has a way of looking at t he world that is quite unlike anyone else, and I suspect he’ll be looking at Odin, Thor, Loki, and crew the same way. 🙂

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    • Hope you’ll enjoy it, Claire. I find anything done by Neil Gaiman is generally going to be quirky, off the wall, funny, downright scary, or all of the above. I’m expecting this will probably be a great read, for those very reasons. Absolutely can’t wait! (Are you deep into Viking research for a book, by any chance?)

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          • Thank you every so much – I definitely will! What I’m doing at the moment is blogging as the main character – it’s really fun approaching her from a different direction, and it’s hopefully a way to develop her and also introduce her. It’s not strictly a release, but if you would have any interest in featuring her in some way I would be absolutely thrilled!


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