No one said it would be easy…

Happy Wednesday. I thought some of you might be interested on a post I have up over at Story Empire. It’s about the pros and cons of writing a series.

Story Empire

I should have realized writing a series wouldn’t be all wine and roses, but I didn’t expect to panic during the process.

There are several times I’ve had novels with characters I thought I could spin off into a series, but it never quite happened. Then I wrote a book and proposed a series to my publisher. That was something I’d never done before. Usually, I write a manuscript, and then submit it. This time I submitted one book and indicated I had ideas for two more. As a result I received my first three-book contract—complete with deadlines for two novels that were still in the “vague idea” stage.

Was I game? Uh, yeah—no-brainer. But, easy? Let’s just say I’ve been through a learning curve.

As an author, I normally start a book with character outlines for my main players, a sketchy outline of the primary plot and—in the case…

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9 thoughts on “No one said it would be easy…

  1. Great post, Mae. I’m very happy that I’m with a small press (which, btw, I co-own 😀 ). Misterio operates more as an author cooperative, so we each set our own deadlines, and they’re not set in concrete. Deadlines set by others would definitely give me panic attacks. (My own are annoying enough.)

    But I love writing series. I’m a pantser too so it’s helpful to have that base of characters and setting to work from. And I enjoy developing the arc of my characters over the course of the series. My protagonist of my first series has gone from a woman in her thirties who’s feeling a bit desperate about trying to get pregnant to a menopausal matron with an angst-ridden pre-teen.

    But yes, keeping the details consistent is tough. Yesterday I had to go look up something from my 1st book to make sure I had it right in the 9th book.

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  2. Nine books?!?! OMG, Kassandra, I can’t imagine the details you must have to keep track of! I’m only working on book 3 (the last) of my series, and it’s amazing how many tiny things keep cropping up that I have to go back and double check for accuracy. I do agree, however, that it’s wonderful to watch your characters blossom and develop over time. I think that’s one of the best parts of writing a series.

    I like the way your press manages deadlines. I went into my contract knowing–to do a series–the publisher would go no more than 8 months between books, but I couldn’t walk away from the opportunity. Now at least I know what’s expected if I ever get crazy enough to attempt it again, LOL.

    I do have one character from this series I hope to resurrect elsewhere, but the series itself will end. Sometimes, as writers, we become so attached to the special ones, it’s hard to let go 🙂

    Thanks so much for commenting!

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    • The details have been worse than usual in this book, Mae. I had intended it to be the last one of the series (although another idea is now niggling at my brain), so I have a lot of references back to things that have happened in past books. Kind of a walk down memory lane for my loyal readers. But those details have been driving me a little crazy.

      A spinoff with one of the characters from your series sounds like a great idea. Heck, they do that with TV shows all the time!

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      • They do spin-offs with books, too. Several of my favorite urban fantasy series have characters that get at least their own novellas. Eileen Wilks has done it with her World of the Lupi series, and Ilona Andrews with Magic Bites series, just off the top of my head. I’ve read more, too. I think a spin-off is a great idea. There’s a character in Finding Hunter that I’m dying to write a stand-alone book about, if I could figure out where to squeeze it in.

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