8 thoughts on “#ThorsDaySmile

    • Four cats, two dachshunds, here. Six animals is WAY too many!! Aiming to become a two-cat family in the future, after the doggies head to that Great Lizard Hunting Ground in the Sky, and our two senior cats (14 and 15 years old) depart for that Heavenly Litterbox. 🙂 Two cats. Period. I swear it. Probably. 😀

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      • So I say all the time!
        There was a time when I had a double number of cats. But the tomcats most often wander on the fences and are lost so , thank God, the number decreased. The older ones followed the path you say Heavenly Litterbox. Somehow I don’t imagine us without always worrying if they have enough food, water, not to run in the street, which has high car traffic. They fill our lives as the daughters and grandson live in another town.

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        • Well, streets/traffic are one thing I don’t have to worry about. Our cats are all INDOOR cats. I quit allowing my cats outside many, many years ago. (The Humane Society won’t even let you adopt a cat unless you sign an agreement to keep it inside.) The average life expectancy of an outdoor cat (in the U.S.) is two years. So that’s not an option for me, anymore. And all of mine are neutered, for health reasons, so the males don’t spray, etc, in the house.

          They live long, hopefully happy, lives, mostly. My favorite cat in the world developed a brain tumor at 12, and we lost him WAY too soon, but usually they make it to at LEAST 15, and often beyond.

          I’m not sure this is typical cat ownership Europe, though. I know a lot of folks in various places who say no one has indoor cats.

          Of course, the dogs can’t get over the fence, so even though they are allowed out for short periods, they have to stay in our backyard. And they bark and howl to come back inside where I am after a few minutes, anyway. 🙂 They are so spoiled!


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