10 thoughts on “#ThorsDaySmile

    • I wouldn’t say I can THRIVE anywhere. Too much dry, heat, sand, and a lack of green will not make me happy. But I CAN say I’ll SURVIVE anywhere. Mostly. 😀 As is evidenced by the fact that I’m in the near-100 degree heat of central Florida right now, instead of the cooler mountain air. Yep. Sometimes you gotta bloom where you’re planted. 😀

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    • Good for you, Sue. I’m going to call myself a danderose. Or a rosielion. 😀 I can definitely survive in places that I’m not fond of, but I have to confess, thriving is more difficult. Right now, I can’t go outside at all, except for 5 to 10 minutes at a time. I’ve gotten sick from the heat three times this month, so now I’m mostly doing my thriving in the air-conditioned comfort of my library and family room. 😀

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        • Ah. I see what you did there. 😀 Some days around here, I wilt flat down to the ground, face in the dirt! GACK! Even inside, it’s hard to cool down. The a/c is running non-stop, just to get down around 80 to 82 in here. No way it can get the house lower than that in this weather!


            • You know you’re in trouble when an inside temp of 82 feels icy compared to the outside temp of 99! 😦 It’s just hard to breathe out there, like the heat sucks the oxygen right out of my lungs. Of course, I’m one of those people who is NEVER too cold, so it’s even worse for me than for most others. (I have never turned the heat on in this house, even when we’ve had occasional freezes and 19 degree temps outside. I just put on an extra shirt, and I’m fine.)


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