Three Cheers for the LONG Weekend!

Since I don’t usually run my normal “features” during #ExcerptWeek, I didn’t share a #ThorsDaySmile yesterday, but I couldn’t resist this exuberant salute to the weekend! (Being a dachshund owner, this is a view I’m very familiar with!)


8 thoughts on “Three Cheers for the LONG Weekend!

  1. Happy 4th Marcia! PS did you get my excerpt? I haven’t heard back from you yet, and don’t always trust the cyber mail, lol. If you did, great, and like I said, no rush! 🙂

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    • Sorry, Deb! I’ll go look for it. I received over 600 emails yesterday while I was out and unable to deal with them as they each arrived. It’s probably buried in the ones I’m still working through. I promise to take care of it tonight, and I’ll email you back about it then. 🙂

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