22 thoughts on “#ThorsDaySmile

    • I thought so, as well, Janet. I’m particularly fond the philosophy major asking people WHY they want fries, and running into a store asking what year it is. I can just picture a wild-eyed Doc Brown. I have two more, but I’m saving them for another Thor’s Day. 😀 Thanks for stopping by today.


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  2. Great laughs here, thanks Marcia 😀
    I’ve always fancied the one where you stand at the side of a road where drivers habitually go too fast and point a hairdryer at them.
    Actually, I think I saw someone doing just that last week!

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    • I know! Can’t you just picture the look on joggers’ faces when you follow them, slowly, playing that song everywhere they run? Hahahahaha.

      And I love the last one, too. It might be my favorite. 😀 Glad you enjoyed them Gem Stone. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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    • I’m officially collecting these now. 😀 And seriously considering doing a couple. I LOVE the idea of sitting on a bench somewhere very public, and eating vanilla pudding out of a mayonnaise jar. The more I imagine that, the funnier it gets. I’d have Mark hide somewhere nearby with his camera. Hahahaha.

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      • If anyone would do that, it would be you, lol. Now those are some photos I’d look forward to seeing. On second thought . . .forget the photos, it should be on video for seeing reactions, lol. 🙂


    • So glad it gave you a chuckle, C.J. That’s what Thor’s Days are for around here! Thanks for taking time to comment, and I hope you’ll find a lot more fun and interesting things going on at The Write Stuff.

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