#MidWeekPOV – #wwwblogs Small Miracles

Wood Stork on the Wing

Some years ago (too many to count), I developed a little habit I call “looking for the miracle.” It started as a small superstition that if I saw something truly beautiful or uncommon at the start of a long car trip, it was a sign all was well in the world, and I’d get where I was going, unscathed. Yeah, I know it was silly, but it made me feel surprisingly good, and you know what else? I found that when I was actively watching for them, small miracles showed themselves to me nearly everywhere I looked.


Of course, with my long-established love of nature, I often looked for special birds or wildlife along the roadside, as an omen of good luck. I’d spot a bald eagle soaring overhead (always an inspirational sight), and say to myself, “There! That’s this trip’s miracle.”


Or I’d see the summer’s first swallowtail kite, my very favorite bird of prey, and feel so happy, I just knew it was good omen, and my trip would go smoothly.


Over the  years, I’ve spotted all sorts of interesting animals and birds along the highways and byways of my travels. A flock of wild turkey is always a good sign, to me . .  .


. . .  and my first Florida sighting of a half-grown black bear made me smile for the next twently or thirty miles.


Over time, I saw other things that I counted among my miracles. Rainbows are always good, and double rainbows mean my trip home will go well, too.


A solid purple field of wild phlox takes my breath away as it announces its miracle status in no uncertain terms.


A crested caracara sitting in a tree,


deer grazing in a field,


a baby donkey standing in the front yard of a farmhouse–all have given me a sense of the magical, the beautiful, the miraculous, at one time or another.

You may count other things as your good omens, but whatever speaks to you in that way, I promise if you make it a point to look for the miracles around you, you’ll find them. And whatever you’re doing at the time will suddenly seem happier, taking on new significance.

Miracles abound, if we but open our eyes. Try it. You just might be amazed.

10 thoughts on “#MidWeekPOV – #wwwblogs Small Miracles

    • I agree completely, Tess. (Hahahaha. Gotcha!) And I do try to think positively, though I confess, I’ve had my struggles with it over the years. Still, I keep on recommitting to it, and it’s much easier these days. (Of course, I spend half my life in my imaginary writing world and the other half in my imaginary reading world. Maybe that explains it.) 😀

      I DO look for miracles, though.

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    • Yes, and even more lovely is what happens to your mood (and consequently, your day), when you start looking for small miracles of your own. Try it. I promise, you’ll see them! 😀


      • Oh, I do, every day! I’m lucky enough to be out in the country most days on my horse, which can get you more up close and personal with lots of wildlife that might otherwise scarper.
        Of course none of ours is dangerous, thank goodness!

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        • Most of ours isn’t dangerous, either, unless you’re foolish. For the most part, the wildlife will leave you alone if you leave it alone. 🙂 And I figured you’d probably at the VERY least, be seeing lots of horses as small (or not so small) miracles. I do love to look at them, though I don’t ride. But some of the breeds are just so stunning. I would consider any of them miracles that would brighten my day.

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