#InspirationBoardSunday – Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

Sometimes, it’s the staggeringly beautiful view from a North Carolina
mountaintop that inspires me . . .


. . . and sometimes, it’s a trip to my past, via a still-standing old-fashioned Florida Cracker style farmhouse. This one was pretty much on target for how I imagined the Painter house looking. I had the photo on my inspiration board the whole time I was working on
Finding Hunter.


11 thoughts on “#InspirationBoardSunday – Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

    • I remember a time when any drive down a country road would take you past many houses like this. Those wide porches meant sheltered windows that could be opened on all sides of the house, even in the rain, to let cross breezes through. Essential in a time before air conditioning. The sound of rain on a tin roof takes me back, as well.

      And when I see an older home like this, I always wonder what stories it could tell. This one inspired my imagination for weeks.

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  1. The landscape picture is breathtaking. The house one suggests peacefulness, tranquility. I’d love to live in one such this. Thanks for sharing!
    Have an awesome week!

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    • Both of these images inspired me in my writing. Book 2 of my Wake-Robin Ridge series is A Boy Named Rabbit, and Rabbit was raised in the wilderness of those mountains, away from civilization entirely. When his grandparents die, he has to make his way out of them, alone at ten. It was this image that triggered my desire to tell his story. Just look at those wooded hills, and the heavy mist (clouds, even) filling the valleys between them. OH, the stories you might write with an inspiration like that!

      And the house just spoke to me as soon as I saw the photo. I LOVE it.

      Glad you enjoyed today’s images, and hope they inspire you, too!

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    • Hi, Judith! The Appalachian Mountain chain is the oldest one on earth, and I love it with all my heart. Nothing makes me happier than being somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains or the Smokies. I knew that’s where I’d set my first book before I even started writing. And this picture is just so magical, isn’t it?

      I can find inspiration in much smaller things, too, though. A perfect rose, the yellow pollen collected on a bumblebee’s legs, the smell of honeysuckle on a warm summer breeze. And lots of that stuff pops up in my books, somewhere.

      What a wonderful thing writing is . . . to be able to share images and stories the way we do. And I think it teaches us to be more aware of our surroundings every day, as well. Nice to see you here, today! 🙂


    • I am, as well, though I do enjoy the beach in the early morning or evening, and on cloudy days. I don’t do sun. (Too many skin cancer issues already, thanks. It’s Total Eclipse sunblock for me.) 😀 But the mountains win, hands down. Especially the waterfalls. I love them so much!


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