New Posters: SO sorry!

I no longer receive notices when comments are waiting to be approved, so I sometimes don’t discover them for a bit. SO sorry to all you wonderful folks who commented on Judith’s guest blog yesterday. I did NOT mean to ignore any of you, honest. I think everyone has been approved now, including Judith’s responses. (Ooops.) I’ll try to do better next time, I promise!

Off for a day of fun, long overdue, with my good friend and Graphics Goddess, Nicki Forde, who does my fabulous covers for me, and my good friend and Beta reader extraordinaire, Dian. Lunch at the Cotillion Café in Wildwood (the inspiration for  my Southern Comfort Café in my Riverbend series). Pictures MIGHT be forthcoming later, if we can tear ourselves away from fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, and Rhett Butler cake long enough to take them.  😀

Happy Saturn’s Day, everyone!

6 thoughts on “New Posters: SO sorry!

    • I did, indeed. We laughed and laughed, and shared wonderful news, and had a super time. And I had a shrimp Po’Boy the size of a football, with a mound of crispy shrimp on top of two slices of fried green tomatoes. OMG. SO good. I saved half of it for dinner. Top that off with Georgia ice cream (cheese grits), and a slice of pina colada pie, and you have the makings of Nirvana. I brought half of those home, too. The Cotillion Café is very generous with their portions. 🙂

      It’s always so much fun to hang with my Chickies, but yesterday was super fun, because Nicki had a surprise for us all. When I asked her what she’d gotten for her birthday Wednesday, she smugly replied “Engaged!” and showed us her gorgeous ring!!! This was absolutely the best news ever, and I’m so happy for my friend, I’m still dancing around today! So we had lots to celebrate, and I came home feeling absolutely refreshed and wonderful. And then I crashed. Hahahaha. (I’m OLD. I can only take so much excitement, you know.) 😀

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        • I will tell Nicki I’m sharing her news far and wide. 🙂 And yes, it was a huge plate of food, which is why it made a complete lunch AND dinner, and both pretty filling. Oh, they have the BEST of southern cooking in that place. And it’s so cute, filled with vintage kitsch and fun décor, in general. All the table linens are vintage from the 50’s or earlier, even the napkins, and the silver. None of it matches, and yet, it all does. It’s like stepping back to a more gracious time. SOME things about those days were really quite lovely.

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