#Twitter Work-Out from 30 mins A Day #Bloggers #Writers #Authors @rosieamber1

TWITTER Work-out From just 30 minutes a day.

Recently I’ve been working hard to increase my readership and Twitter following, here is what has been working for me.

Amber rose

Blog – When you write a blog post add Hashtags and Twitter @ Handles in the title, it makes them SUPER easy to share.

Twitter– When you write your tweets always use Hashtags and Twitter Handles.

Search for an author/guest twitter Handle on Twitter, or Goodreads (under their Author info) or Amazon bio.

TIP – Authors, make your Twitter handle easy to find, make it as close to your pen-name as possible, make sure you have a profile on Goodreads and Amazon (Profiles need to be added to each different Amazon site you wish to be found on)

SHARING IS CARING – Building your audience and your platform requires SHARING. Make every tweet and share WORK. ADD Hashtags and Twitter handles to ALL the posts YOU share. YES is takes a little effort but get into a routine and it becomes easier. Others will then share your Tweets. In RETURN you must start sharing more, aim for 10-20 shares each time you go on social media.

Tip – when possible work from a computer where you can have several tabs open at once then you can search Twitter or Goodreads for the info you need easily.

One step further – For everyone who directly shares your post or tweet on twitter, go share one of theirs, often they have a tweet pinned to the top of their profile page, share this one.

Pinned Tweets – Keep your profile pinned tweet FRESH – seeing a pin with a date which is six months old is boring. Change them weekly at least.


Post on a Sunday and make sure your blog title contains the Hashtag #SundayBlogShare this is a big blog share day and gets lots of views. Tweet your post with the Hashtag, re-share other posts you have done throughout the week and add this Hashtag too.

Remember to search and share 10- 20 other posts you like which use the Hashtag. Twitter is all about the Re-Tweet.

Tip – follow those who share your post and follow those whose new posts you choose to share

#WeekendBlogHop #WeekendBlogShare are also useful.

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Monday posts can use the #MondayBlogs if your post is about writing, BUT you are asked not to use it for any book promotion, be it reviews, cover reveals offers etc


Use #TuesdayBookBlog (created by the Rosie’s Book Review Team) for all your Tuesday BLOG posts about books, all we ask is that it isn’t a straight link to the Amazon page, it must be from a blog post which includes more than the book cover, book description and buying links. It can be reviews, interviews, guest posts etc. We help share relevant posts.


Use #wwwblogs (Women writing Wednesday) for blog posts written or about women.


Thursday can be a quiet day, I use #IndieThursday for book reviews from Indie authors.


I use #FridayReads to share books I’m reading, have read or am going to read, plus I share book posts from others and add this hashtag.


Saturdays can be used for #ArchiveDay any post you’ve posted previously can be re-shared using this Hashtag today.

Also #WeekendBlogHop and #WeekendBlogShare can be used and shared from today.

Your time is valuable – make it work, don’t get bogged down and distracted by non-relevant posts and Tweets in your 30 min work-out. Make a note of any of interest and return later in your leisure time.

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14 thoughts on “#Twitter Work-Out from 30 mins A Day #Bloggers #Writers #Authors @rosieamber1

  1. Great post, Rosie! I confess to being very disorganized with tweeting, and still (in spite of everything) get confused on the hashtags and Twitter @Handles. But I’m trying to do better, and this should be a big help! Thanks!!


  2. Great post, Rosie 😀
    I wrote one a few weeks back (on The Write Stuff) about using hashtags in your blog post titles, and there was another more recently, same topic. Seems we need frequent reminders to actually go, do it!
    Thanks for the list of #sharedays – I think I might re-organise my blogging schedule around those.


      • I’ve just pinned your daily list to my author ‘to do’ board, and I’m going to try to use them – I already find tweet sharing really productive, hopefully this will enhance it further yet 😀


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