14 thoughts on “#WodinsDaySmile – We Can All Use One, Right?

    • Me, too, Marie . . . except that sometimes my “Meh” is more of a “Blecch!” 😀 Why is it so hard for Hollywood to even get the CASTING right? *scratching head, here, and finding better things to do with my time these days, than watching most movies* (I make a FEW exceptions, like, Oh, I dunno…pretty much anything with THOR in it! Hahahaha.)


    • Hi, Lynn! So sorry I missed your comment awaiting approval. (WordPress doesn’t notify me any more.) I agree, there are precious few that even get the STORY line right, and almost none that get the casting right. I’ve given up on them. I’d rather spend that two hours reading.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, and welcome to The Write Stuff. Hope you’ll visit often.


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