13 thoughts on “#WodinsDaySmile – Kindle vs Print

  1. Yes, advantages and disadvantages for both. I, for one, still prefer to read a paper book, hear the page turning, smell the ink and leave a bookmark between pages.I have a large collection of paperbacks.
    Though, I read more and more Kindle format books – e-books. Even my novel, Shadows of the Past, is a Kindle one.
    I’m sure, however, traditional books will; never disappear.

    Thank you for the funny post and I take advantage to wish you and your dear ones A Merry Christmas and A Prosperous, Peaceful 2016!
    Happy Writing!
    Carmen Stefanescu

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    • Hi, Carmen! Nice to hear from you! For me, it just isn’t an “Either/Or” situation. I like BOTH. I’m just greedy enough to want it ALL. I want beautiful books lining my library shelves, with covers that make me reach out and stroke them when I walk by. And I want the total comfort and adjustability of reading on my Kindle, too. I see no reason to limit myself, so . . . I don’t! 😀 (And of course, the great prices for eBooks is a lovely bonus.)

      I think we’ll always have print books, but I’m not as sure about the fate of traditional publishing houses. If they don’t start coming into this century with their way of doing business, more and more of them will be going under, I fear. It will be interesting to watch what happens in the next five to ten years. We’ll have to chat about this again, then! 😀

      Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year, Carmen! Thanks for being part of The Write Stuff.

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      • I am like you, I love both, though I share the same feeling as yours about bookshelves stacked with paper books, ( in Romanian and English and German). There are many I haven’t read yet, and I keep saying: next week I will read this one or that one. I kept accumulating them along the years. I’m like a diligent hedgehog gathering “food”f or scarce days!(Big grin!) Unfortunately my eyesight is no longer what it used to be and my guilty pleasure of playing PC games damaged it more.

        Once again Merry Christmas!

        I like to say it as, here, in Europe they started banning it, if you can imagine!!!!!
        I lived a time here, in Romania, when we weren’t allowed to celebrate Christmas and Santa Claus was Father Frost, (borrowed from Russians). Hopefully we don’t get back to that horrible time.


  2. Agree…advantages and disadvantages. Many readers don’t want to pay the higher prices for print books; they find the tomes difficult to carry around. An eReader slips into your purse with no trouble. You have many different stories to select from–not just one.

    For arthritis sufferers like myself, it’s painful to hold open a book while reading. My Kindle solves that problem. Plus, I can enlarge the print to whatever size I need. Even so, I have shelves overflowing with “real books.” I love looking at the covers and recalling the wonderful words inside. Alas, however, modern times and age have caught up with me. 🙂

    Merry Christmas, Marcia, and many blessings in the New Year!

    My best,

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    • Hi, Linda! Merry Christmas!

      Yes, and yes, and yes! I agree with all of your points. While I don’t suffer from arthritis to the extent you do, I do have touches of it, and for some reason, my THUMBS are very sensitive. Holding open a book wide enough to be able to read the words in the middle just KILLS them. I used to have to stop reading because my thumbs hurt too much to keep on. Don’t have that problem with Kindle. Plus, the adjustable font (color and size), and the lovely lighting the Paperwhite and Voyage have make reading so much easier. AND I love that when an unknown word shows up, I just touch it, and the definition pops up. And highlighting! I never used to highlight lines and things I wanted to quote in my real books, because I couldn’t stand marking them up. NOW I can highlight anything I want, add a note to it, or not, and they are all saved in one spot for me to refer to later. AND . . . no marks in my books! 😀

      I do LOVE the advantages of my Kindle, for sure. AND I love having a library filled with row after row of beautiful print books, too. *happy sigh*

      Hope Santa Claus is very, very good to you this year. Once the holidays are over, I’ll have more time to catch up on email, too, which I’m looking forward to doing. Happy New Year!

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      • I’m falling behind with everything, too, Marcia…and miss our correspondence. Hope I can get my act together in the next few weeks. Happy New Year!

        Big hugs, Linda 🙂


    • You’re welcome, Diane. I plan to keep up #WodinsDaySmile for the near future. I have a LOT of saved book things, and too many other funny pictures to count, when I run out of them. Hopefully, you’ll find others that are new to you, and will enjoy them, too.



  3. So cute! There’s definitely a place for both. Kindles are good for convenient reading and travel, not having to carry a ton of books. But for working, there’s nothing like a physical book to reference back and forth with dogears and hilighters. 🙂

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    • With reference books, I think print is easier to use, too. But other than that, I’m in favor of collecting print books and reading eBooks. 😀 (Dogears and highlights are right out for me, though, no matter what. Just can’t do it. Bookmarks, yes. Marking books, not so much. 😀 )

      Good to see you, Deb. I swear, between you and Linda and at least a dozen more, I’m so far behind in my emails, it’s embarrassing!!! I simply must do better at time management this upcoming year. Falling behind feels bad!

      Deck the halls, and fa, la, laaaa.

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      • Please don’t apologize. I’m no better than you. I just can’t seem to catch up with life, get ready for the holidays, yikes tomorrow! and tie up loose ends, much less write , while trying to organize my trip for NEXT WEEK, which I haven’t even begun to pack for my 2 month vacay (which won’t be all vacay either) so I don’t really think I’ll be catching or keeping up till next spring, LOL xo Merry fa la lala to you too my friend. xo

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