Yesterday, I was watching the number of followers on The Write Stuff edge toward 700, and looking forward to seeing it tick over into that area. Today, I got up, took a look to see if it had done so, and found it showing 2, 216 followers! An increase of 1,946 followers, OVERNIGHT. What the . . . ??? Not that I don’t love that new number, you understand. It’s just that I don’t trust it. I can’t imagine what happened after I fell asleep last night that inspired nearly 2,000 more folks to follow my blog.

Anyone ever have anything like this occur? My other two blogs remain exactly where they were yesterday, so I don’t think it’s a system-wide thing. But I do find it pretty strange. Just wonderin’ . . .

18 thoughts on “Hmmm….????

    • I hope so, Linda. I just have a hard time thinking it expanded by 2,000 in ONE night. That just makes no sense to me at all. If it’s RIGHT, I’ll do a happy dance. But it seems a bit odd, since nothing happened last night to bring it on, that I’m aware of. It’s been going up one or two a day for a while, but a jump this big just feels weird. But we’ll see, I suppose.

      Owe you an email or six, but I’m playing catch up, and struggling a bit with an element in my story. This is a new development for me. I usually know exactly what my characters are going to do and why, but I’ve gone and dragged some complicated legal issues into the mix, and have to sort them out to be sure I don’t make any major mistakes. If I keep having to shape and reshape it, it’s probably a sign I should go a different direction. But I’m not ready to give up, yet. Hope all is well with you!

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      • I wish you had a way to check those numbers, Marcia. Maybe WordPress misinterpreted “hits” for “follows”? Just a thought…

        I’d hoped you were busy rather than not feeling well. Sounds like an interesting dilemma with your story. Don’t worry. You’ll figure it out!

        I’m doing fine, thanks for asking. Just busy writing, promoting, and getting ready for the Holiday. Email me when you have a spare moment. šŸ˜Š

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        • If I wait until I have a spare moment, I’ll probably never get to chat with you again in this lifetime! GAH! Every minute seems crammed to the limit, lately. No breathing room at all! But that’s okay. I love what I’m doing, mostly, so it’s all good!

          I had a touch of a bug for a couple of days, but tried to keep on working, anyway. Since I’m not exposing anyone else to stuff when I work, I figured I’d just keep plugging away at things, but you know that feeling that you’re moving waaaay too slow? Like you’re underwater, or something? That’s kind of how it’s been. I think I’m past the worst of it now, though, and hopefully, tomorrow will be a great day!

          I’m not going to spend undue time worrying about the numbers, I don’t think. I find it very weird, to be sure, but I only have so much time to devote to the question. šŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow, and it will be back like it normally is. Who knows?

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    • Oooh, can’t wait to check it out, Deborah! And yep. Weird is the perfect word for this. Just…weird.

      Off to see your post. (It’s flagged in my Inbox for me to check, anyway, and now I’m going to take a break from writing and do so!)

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  1. I never trust numbers, nor do I look. I’m grateful for all those who follow me whether it be 10 or 10,000, it wouldn’t change my blogging style. Perhaps it was how many views? Not that people wouldn’t follow you in droves lol, but that seems a steep jump in one day. We’re you interviewing one of your hunky book characters? LOL šŸ™‚

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    • No, but I could be talked into doing so. Which hunk would you like? šŸ™‚ WordPress always shows (for everyone to see) how many people are following the blog. They don’t show views, to my knowledge. It’s just a very strange thing. Maybe when I get past the holidays, if it’s still that high, I’ll contact them and ask what happened. I don’t care overly much, but on a blog like this, where we are trying to get exposure for everyone’s work, a large number of followers is an excellent development. If it’s real. šŸ˜‰

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        • Sorry I wasn’t more explicit in my comment, Maedez. I was meaning on the Public part of the blog, of course. But thanks for the reminder. There are plenty of folks who might not know that info is there for them, so I’m glad you clarified. Always nice to see you here, too! šŸ™‚ And by the way, the number dropped to 2,215 today, so I’m starting to wonder if it’s really true. Maybe it grew faster than they were able to update or something. (I still don’t think 1600 people signed up in one night. And yes, my math was totally screwed up in my original post. šŸ˜€ Blame it on shock. šŸ˜‰ )


          • Ah, that makes more sense. In that case, yes, you are correct. That stat is not available to the public. Just post likes and blog followers.

            Something is definitely buggy with your stats, it seems. Did you check your overall views for the day, as well as to see if you had an inordinant amount of traffic driven your way from an outside source? Hopefully, you’ll soon have that many actual followers, though. You deserve them.

            One day, seven months ago, I logged on to find that my blog had received 2k hits for the day, and it was only 11:00 a.m. Those were genuine stats, but it was still really bizarre. The next day, I was back to my usual number of visitors.


      • Well, keep an eye on the count Marcia, if it remains around the same number or rises, then consider it good news from Santa. šŸ™‚ I have my own site, self-hosted by, and can’t even find a widget that tells me how many followers I have. I know how many subscribe by email because I receive those stats from Mailchimp, but the rest is a mystery. šŸ™‚


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