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Today, our guest is Timmy White, and his post is on how to use blogging as a successful marketing tool. I think there’s a lot of good information in this, and I hope you all find something you can take away. Don’t forget to share, please. Now, here’s Timmy!

How to Use Blogging As a Razor Sharp Marketing Tool

Many contemporary authors think it’s a waste of time to write something that won’t be published into a financially-rewarding book, but guess what: blogging is an incredible tool that can help them attract a greater audience.

Here is a valuable piece of information: George Martin still maintains his LiveJournal page. It’s called Not a Blog, but of course it’s a blog! His faithful readers are always happy to find out what he’s up to, so the author keeps them hooked with bits of information related to his interests, thoughts, and work.

If you still haven’t achieved fame of Martin’s caliber, that doesn’t mean you won’t attract readers who would be excited about your work. The competition in the blogosphere is huge, but it’s still easier to attract online audience than real readers that would buy your first editions.

Needless to say, you need to form a specific blogging strategy that would lead you to success. These tips will help you gain more attention among potential readers:

Pick a Niche

What will you write about? The most obvious choice is ‘writing about writing’, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Blogging is a very versatile category that enables you to publish short stories, brief thoughts about life, elaborate lifestyle improvement tips, and anything else that comes to your mind. However, you need to pick a particular niche and provide related content that your audience will become used to.

If you don’t know what niche to choose, think about your unpublished novel. If, for example, it’s a story about a murder, you can maintain a blog about serial murders and the psychology behind their actions. You don’t have to think of an entirely new category that’s never been elaborated by another blog. You just need to write better than anyone else in the niche.

Make It Personal

If your readers are attached solely to the content you publish, they will hardly become your hardcore fans. Use the blog to share your own experience from time to time, and try to make a personal connection with your faithful readers. For example, let’s say you have a strong opinion about the current European immigration crisis. Even if such topic isn’t be related to your niche, you can share a post that explains how you feel about the issue.

Your regular readers are always interested in your opinions on current issues. You might lose some of them if they don’t approve your stand, but the other ones will respect you even more. Plus, such posts are a great foundation for a productive discussion in the comment section.

Show Up When You’re Expected

Successful bloggers have a posting schedule. If your readers expect your content in regular intervals, they will be disappointed by huge breaks between the posts. Blogging will take a significant portion of your day, but you need to make that commitment if you want to make your readers happy. When you don’t have any time for an elaborate blog, you can simply post brief thoughts and updates on your work. Images with quotes also work well in these situations.

If you can’t write a post according to the planned schedule, you can rely on EssayHipster – an online essay service enables you to create attention-grabbing posts by the deadline. 

Stay Fresh and Unique

When you pick a niche, you’ll notice that you’re not the only blogger who is covering it. What separates you from the crowd? Is it your style, the topics you pick, your sarcastic approach, or your connection with the audience? A regular reader has to identify your post even when he doesn’t know which site it comes from.

A single post needs to identify your personality, so use the blogging strategy to show your unique voice, just as you do through your novels.

Work On Your Promotion

Blogging and social media promotion go hand-in-hand. First of all, you should focus on crafting attractive content that would get tons of shares on Facebook and Twitter. You need to provide share buttons for every post you publish, so the reader will easily share it on a specific site with a single click.

That won’t be enough. You also need to work on your social media presence. Maintain your profile regularly, communicate with your readers and share links to your blog.

Don’t Forget: You’re a Writer After All

Among all those blog posts, don’t forget to mention your work as a real writer. Invite your readers to buy your book and discuss it at your site. You can even turn a blog post into an online book club, where everyone can join.


Timmy White is an education enthusiast, tennis fan and a writer for Essayhipster essay service, which provides best writing and editing services available.



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