October Writing Prompt Challenge


Okay, here’s my first effort at creating something using a couple of this month’s writing prompts: black and orange. Enjoy!


Moon Cycle

The moon fell into the pond last week.
Snug in an ink-stained cradle, it floated,
Smiling at its twin in the sky.
Stars glittered on ebony water, while
Fish of red, orange, and gold
Slumbered under
Lily-pad blankets.
Nightly, the water nibbled at
Silvery edges, until only a
Sliver remained, and then,
 that was

4 thoughts on “October Writing Prompt Challenge

    • Thank you, Linda. I love poetry, both writing and reading, though I confess to a love of poets from years gone by, more than contemporary ones. I’m particularly fond of Amy Lowell, and talk about imagery. Oh, her poems are so beautiful. It’s about time for me to haul out Purple Grackles again, and read her descriptions of these wonderful birds as they stop off for a day in her garden, during their fall migration to the south. They’re just as wonderful when the finally reach me down here. 😀

      Somehow, when I thought of orange and black, I thought of our goldfish pond, so it seemed a good place to start. Glad you liked it, and I DO hope you’ll share some poetry with us. (Or anything else you like.) You can write something new for the Writing Prompt Challenge, or share something dusted off, just for fun. We’re easy, around here. (And if you’ll email me at mmeara@cfl.rr.com, I have a question for you.)


    • Aw, thanks, Evelyn. That’s very nice of you to say. Maybe you like mine because I don’t take it too seriously, and seldom write anything very ponderous. I just like pretty pictures is all. I’m pretty simple. 😀 You should grab one of those prompts now, and write a paragraph or two. Doesn’t have to be a story. Just a snippet of something will do. If we don’t get a few more players soon, I’m going to fill up ALL the days! 😀 Then you’ll ALL be sorry. 😉


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