Yesterday’s Guest Blog BooBoo

This picture is apropos of nothing.
But who doesn’t love a good dancing bulldog photo?

Hi, folks! Just wanted to let you know that due to the vagaries of cyberspace, Deborah Jay’s REAL Fabulous Friday Guest Blogger post didn’t make it. She sent it to me, but it didn’t arrive. What I got was a link to her recent guest interview with Fiona Mcvie. Due to the time difference between central Florida, where I am, and England, where Deb is, I wasn’t able to contact her, so I went ahead and posted the interview–because 1) it was a great, all-encompassing interview, and 2) it was what I had.

I have since received the post that was supposed to run yesterday, and it’s LOVELY, so it will run next Friday, October 9. You’ll really enjoy it, I know, and I’ll remind you on Thursday that it’s coming.  Deb has been a great source of support and encouragement over these last months at TWS, and I’m so grateful to her for taking the time to write such a super piece. (No, I’m not even going to give you a hint. Tune in, and check it out. You’ll be glad you did.) 😀

As you were, folks. Have a great weekend!!

3 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Guest Blog BooBoo

    • Well, what human could ever compete with a dancing bulldog puppy? 🙂 You’re welcome, Deb. I really enjoyed the article, and I think others will, too, so it deserves its OWN time slot next week, and not to be piggy-backing on top of a reblog. It’s worth it! Thanks again!

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