Once Upon a Crime

Here is an excerpt from my latest romantic suspense novel,  Once Upon a Crime:

The sound of the van pulling up to the front of the cottage made Charlotte’s heart skip a beat. Striker grabbed her arm, pulled her off the sofa and walked her toward the front door. He opened it wide, and put his face next to hers. “When we get outside, don’t try anything funny.”

He pulled the handle on the back door of the van, and swung it open. “Get in.”

She stood straight and stiff, her chin lifting in her most defiant stance as she braced her feet in the snow.

His hard eyes stared her down. “I said, get in!”

When she didn’t move, he lunged at her. She dodged to the side and delivered a sharp kick to his knee. He’s not getting me in that van.

He grunted and stumbled back. She spun around and made a mad dash toward the lake, but her short legs struggled in the deep snow. Striker’s long strides caught up with her after a few moments. He grabbed her around the waist and lifted her off the ground.

“All right.” He grunted under her weight. “If you wanna do things the hard way…”

She twisted and squirmed and kicked at him with every ounce of strength she had, but his grip was so unyielding as he walked back, that only a few of her blows made contact. He shoved her into the van. She managed to get in a strong kick to his hand before he slammed the door, leaving her breathless in the dark.

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Thanks for the opportunity to leave an excerpt on your blog, Marcia.

Evelyn Cullet

5 thoughts on “Once Upon a Crime

  1. You are most welcome, Evelyn. I changed your type from “Heading” to “Paragraph,” to make it fit better and be easier to read. I hope you don’t mind. LOVE the excerpt. Very exciting, and definitely makes me want to read more. Have already tweeted it out for you.

    Thanks for taking part, and feel free to leave more throughout the week. One a day, if you’d like. From any books you want to promote.


    • There’s a little box/field on the upper left that lets you select, and it usually defaults to the one named “Paragraph,” which is normal sized. But sometimes when you cut and paste, it will default to one of the headings. No problem for me to change that at all. Easy-peasy. (Just sent you an email, btw.)

      Looking forward to a few more from you this week, if you have time. 😀


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