Finding Hunter Excerpt #1

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Finding Hunter is Book 2 in my Riverbend series. It follows Swamp Ghosts, and can be read as a standalone, but since most of the characters were introduced in Swamp Ghosts, it makes more sense to read that one first. 

At the beginning of Chapters 1 through 20, there is a “snippet” at the top of the page. I’ve included the one from Chapter 2 here, even though the excerpt is actually from the middle of Chapter 1. This is Willow Greene thinking back to meeting Hunter Painter when they were in the 11th grade at the small town high school. Enjoy!


CH 2 Snippet First:

Before, I never thought about taking a life. Not once.
Now, the thought fills my mind day and night, and
I wonder how I’ll hide that terrible need,
As an old car swings to the shoulder,
And stops.
~ Traveling Man ~


CH 1 Excerpt:

He had been a quiet, thoughtful boy, cut from completely different cloth than his brothers. Forrest, a senior that year, and the oldest brother, Jackson, were like peas in a pod. Outgoing, popular, and always up to something. But not Hunter. He marched to that different drummer we’ve all heard tell of, always present, but never quite in the moment.

Willow was very popular with both girls and boys, but the more the other boys came calling, the more Willow had thought about Hunter. He never seemed to be dating anyone, and he always greeted her with a smile and a quiet word or two, but then he would turn away, ambling off to find a quiet spot by himself.

The only class they shared that first year was English, and even though Willow had chosen the seat directly behind Hunter, he never turned to talk to her before the final bell. In fact, he usually waited until the last minute to enter the room and take his seat, leaving Willow to stare at the soft, brown hair curling against his neck, fascinated by the slight bump of each vertebra marching along under his pale skin.

It was his neck that did it. I never would have loved him so much if I hadn’t fixated on that one bit of skin, right in front of my eyes, five days a week. Who falls in love with a neck? And who still remembers it sixteen years later?

All that junior year, Willow had longed for Hunter to call her, to ask her out, or at least to sit by her at lunch. But he never did, and she never told anyone—not even her best friend, Maggie—that out of all of the boys they knew, only Hunter Painter touched her heart.


Finding Hunter for Kindle is Available on Amazon now.

6 thoughts on “Finding Hunter Excerpt #1

    • Interesting, Eldon. Never knew that. However, I have to say that in Willow’s case, she fell totally and completely in love looking at it. With Hunter. And no other sexy napes entered into her mind at all, over the long course of sixteen years. So maybe a wee bit different from it being a turn on.

      But, personally, I do think necks are incredibly sexy. Not only the nape, which looks very vulnerable and tender to me, but that all powerful supra-sternal notch, as Count D’Almasy learned it was called in The English Patient…that hollow at the base of the throat. Very, very sexy. Also wrists, especially the inside. Again, a vulnerable spot. And barefooted men in jeans. And I reckon that’s way more than you wanted to know about me! 😀


    • Oh, Louis! Gunnar is going to come after you with a BIG STICK!! 😀 Maggie is HIS girl (wife, now). But Willow has been in love with Hunter for years and years, though no one knows. 😀 Glad you liked it. This story starts out very different (once you get past the murderous prologue) and feels like it’s going to be all romance, sweetness, and light…and then the crapola hits the fan! 😉 Thanks for reading, and be sure to share an excerpt with us.


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