Finding Hunter, Swamp Ghosts, and Amazon Headaches!

Final FH Cover Smaller

Let’s see…good news first:

The CORRECT version of Finding Hunter is ready to download from Kindle, and seems to be working fine. I haven’t officially “Launched” this one yet, but if you are wanting to read Book 2 of my Riverbend series, it’s ready.

The semi-good news is that the INCORRECT version of Swamp Ghosts is now LIVE in my store, which means I can start the correction upload shortly.

The BAD news is, while it’s up on the Amazon Book page, it is NOT live on my Amazon Author Bookshelf, and therefore, I can’t access it to start making the swap back to the correct content.  I guess I’m stuck checking every five minutes until I can do that, and then, I’ll cross my fingers that it goes through without a hitch, and this horrible nightmare will be resolved by tomorrow. Hopefully no one will have downloaded a bad version during that window between versions.

Let this be a lesson to all of us. Check, recheck, and double check before you click ANY upload button on Amazon, because once you do, you’re pretty much at their mercy. If I sound a bit disgruntled, it’s because I am. I think there should be a failsafe button somewhere that says “STOP this action IMMEDIATELY.” But alas. It is what it is, as a wise man once said, and we just have to muddle through the occasional calamity as best we can.

In the meantime, if you’ve already read (and enjoyed) Swamp Ghosts, why not take a look at Finding Hunter? It’s a very different kind of story, but one I hope most readers will enjoy. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Finding Hunter, Swamp Ghosts, and Amazon Headaches!

  1. Sorry you’ve had so many problems with your Amazon download. I can sympathize. I’ve had my problems, too, but I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone. I’m about to add an epilogue to the novel I’ve already published with KDP, and I’m really nervous about it. But I’ve been getting a lot of negative feedback about the ending of the book and I want to correct that before I get any bad reviews.

    I’ll start reading Finding Hunter tomorrow when I finish the current book I’m reading.

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    • Hi, Evelyn! I am probably nearing the end of this deal, and what I’ve learned is:
      1. Don’t do ANYTHING when you are overtired, because that way lies MISTAKES.
      2. When you think you’ve checked every single thing, and you know you’ve got it right, and you are ready to hit the UPLOAD button…walk away for a minute. Do some deep breathing. Fix a cup of tea. Then go back and check ONE MORE TIME.

      Oh, how I wish I’d paid attention to both of those things. But hopefully, I’ll be able to access the files soon, and can upload the correct version of Swamp Ghosts, and this will be over. So far, it’s the only book that hasn’t sold in the last couple of days. With any luck, no one will end up with a screwed up copy.

      I think it’s brave of you to decide to make a change to your book, but I can understand why. Readers are everything, after all. Good luck with a) getting it uploaded with no problems, and b) your readers being happy with the change.

      Question: How do those who’ve downloaded the original version get the new one? Because I can’t manage to do that, even if I delete the old version from my device, and from The Cloud. And PAY for the new one. Amazon still sends me the original version. 😦 And they have NEVER automatically updated any edits to any book by any author for me, even though I have that checked. What am I missing?


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