Happy Ending Almost In Sight!


Even as I type, the correct version of Swamp Ghosts is being restored to its rightful place between the alligator infested covers of same! Woohooo. And the Usurper, Finding Hunter, has been sent back to his OWN book, with firm instructions never to stray from within those covers again! Ever!!

Like many of Life’s Learning Experiences, this one wasn’t fun. But it did teach me to be very, very careful in the future, and not let anything cause me to rush, or to work when I’m too tired to think straight. But, when everything’s said and done, all’s well that ends well. (I made that up. No, really. I did. Okay, I didn’t. Not a bit of it. So sue me.  *grin* )

By tonight or tomorrow, this whole thing will be nothing but a memory, and me? I’m movin’ on! I have stories to tell, books to write, and self-marketing to . . . to . . . to try and palm off on somebody else! 😀

Have a great week, you guys! I think next week, we’re due to have an event around this place. Maybe an Excerpt Week. Haven’t had one of those in ages, and I’m sure you all have books you’d like to promote. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Happy Ending Almost In Sight!

  1. Great news 😀
    I keep trying to remember that lesson of never do anything online when you are too tired. Unfortunately for some reason I don’t always follow my own instructions.
    Nothing so frustrating as losing an entire evenings work at the click of the wrong button.
    Glad you got it sorted.


    • Thanks, Evelyn! So grateful for your comments as I tried to deal with this. Nothing worse than having to wait on others to fix things you’ve done. Definitely planning to avoid this in the future. 🙂 Good luck with your changes, too!


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