The Legender — free today and tomorrow

Just wanted to let everyone know that my ebook The Legender will be free to download today (7/27/2015) and tomorrow (7/28/2015). Connect to The Legender on Amazon by clicking here.

Here’s a quick description of the book…

“The pacing is brisk…the action is fun” – Publishers Weekly
“At last, a great fantasy novel!” – Vine Reiwer
“A brilliantly conceived page-turner that intelligently reveals the story” – Amazon Reviewer
“A celebration of those who are faithful at great personal cost” – Amazon Reviewer
“Fantasy at its best!” –Amazon Reviewer

Arkos, a reclusive artisan, bides the long age of peace carving animal bones and remembering his days of adventure. In the ancient city of Tierrion where he dwells, no one suspects he is one of the legenders—those forces of nature clad in human form who spoke with the elements and shaped them into mighty beasts. After the legenders fought in the bygone war against the Living Shadow, they faded into myth and have remained in historical obscurity. That is, until a great evil strikes Tierrion and Arkos saves the city with his power over the elements. This grand revelation of his true identity comes at a cost, however, for there are kings and politicians who would use a legender for their own purposes. Bound by an oath of service, Arkos must obey their commands—dire consequences descend upon legenders unfaithful to their vows.

Fearful that Tierrion’s catastrophe portends war, the kingdoms order Arkos to the uncharted wastelands of the north to discover if the Living Shadow and his legions are preparing to mount an attack once again. Arkos’ journey takes him over perilous mountains and through hostile terrain where he must use his elemental abilities to overcome dangers fatal to man. As he travels onward, a sinister and mysterious figure watches from afar, awaiting his dreadful schemes to unfold. When Arkos reaches the dark unknown and finds secrets lost in history, an unexpected choice confronts him: to take his long-awaited freedom or save the kingdoms that would enslave him.

A thoughtful page-turner, The Legender draws the audience into a fantastical new world of rich characters. Beyond the excitement invoked by adventure and political intrigue, the story at its core resounds with identities redeemed and courage found, arguing that there is more to us than we ourselves would believe.

If you’d like to learn more about The Legender or me (the author), visit my site at Thanks! Looking forward to hear what you think about this epic adventure.

-Jason Link

5 thoughts on “The Legender — free today and tomorrow

  1. Hi, Jason! Thanks for sharing this with us. I’ve tweeted it for you, and will do so again, later. And I’m heading over to pick up my copy. Good luck with your promo!


    • OK, got my copy now, too, and hope to be able to read it while I’m recuperating in the Comfy Chair. I’ll still be working from my tablet, so I won’t be able to spend the whole 6 weeks reading, much as I’d like to. But I think I’ll be able to get through my TBR piles more quickly than I have been, of late. Looking forward to this one, Jason!


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