Meet the Author Eco Tours Coming Up!


Great Egret
Photo by Doug Little

If any of you guys are going to be in central Florida on Saturday, April 25, or Tuesday, April 28, maybe you might have time to come for a fun trip on the St. Johns River. Captain Jeanne Bell and her photographer husband, Doug Little, have invited me to do a Meet the  Author tour with them, at 1:30 both days. Here’s the way the press release reads:

“Best selling Amazon author, Marcia Meara, will be conducting a Meet the Author talk onboard the Naiad, her inspiration for the Undine, in her novel Swamp Ghosts. Accompanying her for a tour of the scenic St. Johns River will be Captain Jeanne Bell, a/k/a/ Maggie Devlin, in Swamp Ghosts.  

At 1:30 PM on Saturday April 25, and again on Tuesday April 28, the Naiad will leave from Highbanks Marina, located at 488 W. Highbanks Road, DeBary, FL.  We will retrace the tour that inspired the author to write Swamp Ghosts, accompanied by the individuals who are characterized in the book. Enjoy a beautiful, nature-filled afternoon aboard the Naiad, and find out how it all came about.  

After the tour, Marcia will be available to autograph copies of her books. Sign up for her monthly newsletter, and you’ll receive a free download of Summer Magic: Poems of Life & Love

Don’t miss out on a relaxing, fun-filled afternoon on the river. For reservations, call St. Johns River Eco Tours at 386-626-9004.”

I’m really looking forward to this. I’ll be doing a reading at the beginning of the tour, and another at the end, and then just chatting with everyone about the book, and some of the things featured in the story, like the difference between albino and leucistic reptiles–or whatever the good passengers want to talk about. Plus, we’ll be stopping to view alligators and birds, and any other interesting wildlife along the way.

Of course, I know most of you probably can’t do this, even if you’d like to, but I wanted to share, and I hope you’ll pass the info along to your followers everywhere, in case some of them can. And even if you can’t come along on this particular tour, believe me, the regular narrated trip is fantastic, and well worth the price of the tickets.

You can book tours any time here: St. Johns River Eco Tours Click on Book Now. Scroll down to the Swamp Ghost tours (in red) to book one of mine, or stop on any other day that fits your schedule to book a “normal” tour.



6 thoughts on “Meet the Author Eco Tours Coming Up!

    • I wish you did, too, Skye! It’s a beautiful tour, and the Captain and Doug are very, very knowledgeable, which is why they inspired my creation of Maggie & Gunnar in Swamp Ghosts. So whether you got to come while my book is being featured, or just on a regular tour, I think you’d have a good time. I had taken the tour many times before I got the idea to pattern my characters after them. It’s just relaxing and beautiful.

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