Heartbreaking, but…


…I would be remiss if I didn’t make note of the fact that the world has lost a bright and shining star. Author Sir Terry Pratchett has passed on, and the world is the sadder for it.  I wish I had discovered him years earlier, but his books made an enormous impact on my life in recent years. The Wee, Free Men and I will drink a toast in his honor tonight, and  maybe even carry off a sheep or two. We will never forget him, and long may the great turtle swim on, carrying DiscWorld far and wide, forever.

6 thoughts on “Heartbreaking, but…

  1. Where is the ‘unlike’ button? 😦
    I was so lucky to see him talk at the World Fantasy Convention 18 months ago, he was as funny as his books, even that far into dementia.
    Although it was affecting most areas of his life by then, it hadn’t touched his creativity – amazing.

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    • I would have loved to have been there with you, Deborah. He felt like the kind of man it would have been wonderful to know. We are so blessed that he was such a prolific writer…but I still wish he had lived long enough to write dozens and dozens more books. He was only 66, and from where I’m sitting (71 next week) that’s FAR too young to be moving on! He’ll live forever in our hearts, for sure.


      • Oh I agree completely.
        The SF anthology I am just about to publish for our writer’s group is dedicated to our founder, Peter Garratt, who died aged 54. He’d sold over 30 short stories but never managed to secure that elusive book deal. I’m a year older than that, and I can’t imagine not having years left ahead of me.
        No one should die so young.

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    • He certainly gave me a lot of joy, indeed. What an inventive mind, and just spot-on funny. I can spend five minutes laughing at the names of his characters, alone. People will be reading…and loving…his work for generations to come, I feel sure.

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