And the Answer IS…Until Sunday Night!

The question, naturally, is “How long does Excerpt Week last?” Of course, if you’ve been paying close attention here…you HAVE been, haven’t you?…you are probably already aware that I encourage folks to leave excerpts of their work any time they wish. So if you miss the “Official” deadline for Excerpt Week, you can still post one. Pretty much whenever. But we are building momentum here, and posting by Sunday night might bring you more sharing results. So…you’ve still got three days to take care of that, plus the rest of today, of course. Get posting, folks!

4 thoughts on “And the Answer IS…Until Sunday Night!

    • Oh, yes! I sat there thinking to myself, “That Sue Coletta! She needs MORE on her To Do list. Why should I be the only one sinking under the weight of one?” And then I hatched my Evil Plan, with my most grinchiest of expressions on my face! Hehehehe.

      Seriously, Dear Heart, if you don’t manage to find time to post more by Sunday, I promise you’ll be welcome to do so later. Unless I think of another Evil Plan to thwart you. Muah-hahahahaha.

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