Excerpt from Dead Girl in a Charleston Marsh

Author Eldon Brown shared a table with me at the St. Cloud Author Symposium a few weeks ago, and would like to share an excerpt from his mystery, Dead Girl in a Charleston Marsh. Here you go, Eldon. Enjoy, folks!

…The marsh often yielded small treasures which lodged among the tall cattails. Ben spotted something gray and large, ebbing at the edge of the marsh. Might be a dead gator he thought. He approached with caution, realizing that the creature might not be dead. He picked up his newly found paddle to use against the animal; just in case. He hoped it was dead, as he could sell fresh gator, for a dollar a pound, to a local butcher. Simpson reduced speed and carefully approached the floating mass but it was not a gator. Just some old clothes, he surmised. Sadly, he put his paddle down. Someone just too lazy to phone Salvation Army. He prodded the wet mound with his long handled net. The mass moved slightly, bobbing in the Mercury’s prop wash. It turned just enough that a bloated face suddenly appeared and then, freed from the cattails, it rolled over and began a lonesome voyage down river. Simpson fought the nausea that almost overcame him. His heart raced and he began to shiver. He was cold, yet he perspired. He knew that no life remained in the body which now floated away. The swollen face was gray and bits of skin were torn away where the crabs had been feasting.

Dead Girl in a Charleston Marsh is available on Amazon in both print & Kindle formats.


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