Boxed Set Update

Well, I got it listed, and it looks pretty good, I think. Check it out here, and let me know what you think. I shortened the name and threw everything but the kitchen sink into the description. (I just read that you should use every bit of that space that’s allowed, making sure all your keywords show up there, too.) I was hoping amazon would put the comparison up there, showing how much you save buy buying the set, but maybe there was something I was supposed to do to show that. ?? Still learning, here, but at least it’s up. Hope you guys like how it looks, and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to post here. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Boxed Set Update

    • Thank you, Jenny. I’m so glad you think it looks okay. My books are $4.99 each, so this basically means they can get Rabbit and for $.99 more, Wake-Robin Ridge, if they haven’t yet read it. I’m not too keen on perma-free at this point, though I might try it after I get a couple more titles out. Nor do I want to offer WRR at $.99 all the time, yet. Maybe after the 3rd book, as a hook to the series. So I figured a boxed set priced like this would let those who want a deal have one. Hope it works! I’ll be announcing it tomorrow, I think, as my brain is now fried for the day. Still haven’t gotten my energy level back where it should be, so I’m listening to my body and going to bed early. Hope everything’s good with you?

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