Quick Question?


Quick question while I’m vertical. Does anyone know if there is a template available for those Boxed Set style graphics on Kindle? My designer says she can draw one for me, so I can offer Books 1 & 2 of my Wake-Robin Ridge series at a discount price, but I thought if there was one already out there, I’d send it to her. Thanks for any help you can give me. Off to lie down again, now…

2 thoughts on “Quick Question?

    • Thanks, Aimee! I will check them out tomorrow, for sure. I have found one or two that show the set “backwards,” but I would prefer the books facing the way they would if they were really in a box. I suppose it wouldn’t be difficult to flip the template, though having it right would be easier. Probably by the time I find what I’m looking for, Nicki will have copied the graphics I sent her, and drawn it in her Photoshop program. 🙂 But even if she has, I’d still like to grab a good template. Appreciate the links! I am always lost on the kboards, for some reason.


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