#TeriPolen’s #BadMoonRising – Featuring #MattDoyle – #HappyHalloween

Today’s Bad Moon Rising guest is author Matt Doyle, and Matt has shared a very interesting post, indeed. I especially love that he would choose Terry Pratchett as his author mentor. (Being a huge Terry Pratchett fan, myself,  I definitely applaud this choice.)  Head on over to see what else Matt shares today.

Bad Moon Rising Day 13 with Matt Doyle


#BadMoonRising – #TeriPolen – A Month of #HalloweenFun

Hurricane cleanup has kept me so busy, I completely forgot to post about author Teri Polen’s fabulous month-long series of guest posts, Bad Moon Rising!  This is one of my favorite blogging “events,” and I’m happy to say, I’ll be a guest this year, too. I’ll try to share links when I can, but hope you’ll excuse me if I miss some. Things are still a mess around here.

Here’s the link for today’s guest post, featuring Victoria Zigler, and while you’re there, I hope you’ll check out the first 7 guests, too.

  Bad Moon Rising Day 8 with Victoria Zigler