#FirstLineFriday Submissions are Now Closed & We Have Winners!!

Wow, it has been interesting seeing how my new idea worked for today’s trial run, and I’ve already made a list of ways it can be better by next Friday. A tweak here or there will make it smoother on both your end and on mine. I will be posting mid-week to let everyone know how it’s going to work going forward, so you can all mark your calendars. That way, you’ll not miss out on getting your answers to me. More on this later. But not to worry. I really want to make this a fun thing each week, and I WILL figure out the best way to do that, so no one misses out.

Thanks for the great response so far. Our winners are: Harmony Kent, Staci Troilo, Jeanne Owens, Deborah Jay, and Bill Engelson. Jeanne, Debby, and Bill, email me with your book of choice, and let me know if you want it sent to you, or to someone else. 

THANKS so much for playing. Have a nice night, everyone!

Huh? What’s that? Some of you would like to know the answer???  😀 Okay. I suppose I can give you that. 😀

*ahem* “It was a pleasure to burn” is the opening line of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. One of my favorite authors, btw, and a most excellent book. 🙂 

Next week’s challenge might be harder. It might be easier. Depends on which one I pick. The post will go live at 8:00am, and submissions will close at noon, which I think makes it 1:00pm to 5:00pm in the U.K.  Mark your calendars. And keep an eye out for a mid-week post with more details. Got some ideas for ways to make it all even more fun.

Stay tuned for more, and whatever you do, don’t touch that dial! 😀