Say goodbye to 2017 with a joyful leap into the new year, full of faith that opportunities to enrich your life–and the lives of others–will abound! Possibilities. That’s what it’s all about, and possibilities surround us every moment of every day. We have a brand new year in which to laugh, love, and try to live the kind of life that makes a difference.

Roll on, 2018! We’re ready for you!

Happy New Year, My Friends!

Happy New Year!

Dancing With Wieners Star, Maksim Hotdogski (alias Maks)
Is Wishing You a Face Full of Rainbows All Year Long

Just want to take a minute or two to wish each of you a wonderful, prosperous, and MOST of all, fulfilling 2017! I have a real good feeling about this one! Haven’t made any hard and fast New Year’s Resolutions, though I did get a Fitbit for Christmas, and am amazed at what a good job it does of keeping me accountable, and reminding me to get up from this desk and MOVE, every single hour. What I have done, though, is set some goals, large and small, and one of them is to find more time for marketing each week. This past year was my worst at that since I first started writing. But I’m collecting ideas, tips, and strategies, and I’m ready to implement some of them.

We’ve gained a lot of new followers here at The Write Stuff in the last couple of months, and I’d like to welcome you all aboard. This is a blog for writers and about writers, and we encourage you to share news, promos, release information, and more with us. Several of you are already set up as contributors, and I’m hoping you’ll post here often this year. Those of you who aren’t can contact me (see About/Contact button at top of page, right under the header) and I will be happy to post news for you. I’ll also be glad to explain how you can become a contributor, too.

Next week, I’ll be getting back to my regular blog features: #MondayMeme, #MidWeekPOV, #ThorsDaySmile, and #InspirationBoard Sunday. I left out #FabulousFridayGuestBlogger, because I’m thinking of changing that slightly, perhaps to an interview format or something else a bit easier on guests. Often, guests don’t have time to compose a full blog post, so I’m hoping to find a quicker way to have folks visit us on Fridays. Will get back to you on that as soon as I know how I want to do it, but rest assured, Fridays will still be a day for guests to drop by.

In the meantime, let’s all head into 2017 with confidence and good cheer. Remember, Life is what you make of it–YOU have the power! And I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with this brand, new year!

Roll on, 2017! The Write Stuff is ready for you!


Happy New Year to Each of You!


This year has been a great one for me, for the most part.  (Ignoring the long recovery from my foot surgery and a few other things, of course, because who needs to dwell on that stuff?) When I think back on 2015, I’ll remember the things that made me happy, including writing and publishing two more novels and enjoying them getting good reviews. I’ve also loved meeting lots and lots of new readers, and chatting books with each of them.

One of the biggest highlights of this past year was watching this blog grow, with new members, and more participation from fellow writers, and loads of sharing all around. I’m so happy to see this becoming exactly the kind of site I envisioned, where writers can meet other writers, promote their own work, as well as that of their new friends, and learn from each other every day.

I’m very excited about what’s coming up in 2016, and hope you’ll all enjoy the new features I’m planning to implement, along with getting back to our old ones, like #ExcerptWeek and #FabulousFridayGuestBloggers. #WodinsDaySmile will continue, as well, and several new weekly goodies will be unveiled. Hope you’ll enjoy all of them. 

First up will be our first 2016 #ExcerptWeek, starting on Monday, January 4 and running through Sunday, January 10. (There will be a heads up Monday morning, with reminders of how to share your work with us.)

For now,  I wish you a very happy and safe celebration tonight, as the countdown begins, and a Happy New Year’s Day tomorrow. And of course, the best of everything in 2016!

Happy New Year!