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Woohoo! Today is Bonus Guest Day, and today’s surprise visitor is author, Sue Coletta. Sue has a very interesting post to share, as she announces the release of her latest book in her very popular Mayhem series. I know you’re going to find this a lot of fun, so I’m gonna turn things over to Sue without further delay. Sue … take it away, my friend!

Thanks, Marcia

Birth Animals & Restless Mayhem

 Native American Spirit Animals and Zodiac are two different things. Spirit Animals refer to animals that you share a connection with, whereas the Native American Zodiac is your birth animal. It may come as no surprise to those who know me that my Spirit Animal is a crow. It’s also my birth animal. Is it any wonder I’m drawn to these magnificent black beauties?

Though I can’t tell you your Spirit Animal—only you can determine that—I thought it’d be fun to share our birth animals in the comments below.

Jan 20-Feb 18: Otter
Otters are proud, offbeat, and original individuals, who use unconventional methods to complete their goals. They may come across as unusual characters but their ability to approach things differently make them ideal problem-solvers. They’re also sensitive, attentive, honest, and reliable—perfect traits for a friend. Otters do require solitude, however. When they’re left alone too long, they can get rebellious and lash out. So, give them space, but not too much space.

Feb 19-March 20: Wolf
The Wolf is a walking contradiction. Loving and emotional, they also need freedom and don’t like taking orders. Folks born under the Wolf sign possess a deep longing to help others. Because of their generous nature, they freely give love. Driven by their need to also receive love, they’re fiercely protective of their independence and don’t like being too tied down in a relationship, often resulting in conflict.

March 21-April 19: Falcon
The falcon is a born leader, always ready to take the initiative. Not impulsive at all. Blessed with a natural judgment, the falcon steps forward when a crisis arises. Their natural ability to lead might make them appear arrogant at first, though their opinions are usually spot-on. Falcons are also deeply passionate, supportive, and excels in maintaining lifelong relationships.

April 20-May 20: Beaver
The beaver has a cunning and sharp mind. Quick thinkers and excellent problem-solvers, the beaver can adapt and overcome any situation. This trait makes them a powerhouse force in business. These individuals can get held back with their “my way or the highway” attitude, but their compassionate and loyal nature balances them out.

May 21-June 20: Deer
Lively and energetic, the deer has a sparkling personality and quick wit. Most are hilarious. Deer shine at any gathering, as they’re quite entertaining. People are drawn to the deer because of their charisma, warmth, and humor. Though they prefer being the center of attention, their friendly nature supersedes any self-involved characteristics. In a crisis, they may not be your first choice. Deer avoids conflict and often run from a fight or tragic situation.

June 21-July 21: Woodpecker
The most nurturing in the zodiac, the woodpecker is super supportive, empathetic, and caring—great listeners who never judge—but also can be extremely jealous and possessive. Though the woodpecker is a reliable partner and friend, they’re a bit frugal and thrifty, with supreme organizational skills. Need help creating a budget? Call a woodpecker friend.

July 22-August 21: Salmon
The salmon has an infectious energy that’s impossible to ignore. Inherently goal-orientated, salmon need to find their purpose in life and believe in chasing their dreams. Salmon are stable, calm, and enthusiastic, resulting in a sensual and passionate partner.

August 22-September 21: Bear
The bear is practical, hard-working, selfless, and has a generous spirit. These individuals are exceptional judges of character and can find the truth behind lies. Their calm and patient temperament is only unmatched by their mediative nature in tense situations. Modest and somewhat shy, bear prefer to work in a supportive role or quietly work in the background. You’ll never hear a bear brag or boast (try saying that three times fast).

September 22-October 22: Crow
The crow is an energetic, natural charmer, attractive, and mysterious. Both idealistic and diplomatic, crow portray balance and can often provoke their friends to think deeper. Crows are easygoing, patient, intuitive, and natural-born romantics. Rarely, if ever, will you see a crow freak out. Instead, they prefer to talk things through in a caring manner.

October 23-November 22: Snake
The snake might be the most spiritual of all the birth animals. Those born under this animal possess a unique tether to the spirit world. Because of this deep connection, they may give off an air of mystery, mystique, and secrecy. At other times, they may appear dark and frightening. In truth, the snake is sensitive, caring, and passionate.

November 23-December 21: Owl
Not surprisingly, the owl is wide-eyed and eager to experience new things. Difficult to sanction into one box, their views and life goals may change from moment to moment. They’re spontaneous, easy-going, adventurous, and ideal travel companions. A friend to everyone—at least on the surface—they adapt well to any environment.

December 22-January 19: Goose
The goose will achieve anything it sets its mind to, and they’ll often excel at it, too. Competitive but not motivated by the approval of others. They’re innate desire to achieve success makes them determined and a tad obsessive. Because of these traits, the goose is more prone to addiction. The goose is also passionate, humorous, and outgoing.

What’s your birth animal? Does it match your personality? Do you know your Spirit Animal? If so, do they differ?

I’d planned to share an excerpt that dealt with Spirit Animals, but I couldn’t find one that didn’t ruin the ending. Instead, I’ll share the opener. Hope you enjoy it!

Restless Mayhem Opener

As I faded into a peaceful slumber in the back bedroom of Mr. Mayhem’s log cabin in Jackson, New Hampshire, a hair-raising shriek startled me awake. I jolted upright. In the window, burning red eyes peered through a deluge of blackness, the background silenced by an eerie stillness, the stench of death seeping through the screen.

Oh. My. God. An icy tongue licked up my spine. Shicheii’s right. We woke the beast.

I leaped out of bed. Sprinted down the hall, my bare feet slapping the wide-pine floor. Up the stairs, I clamored. Braked at the top. Who should I wake? For days, my grandfather, a Diné Medicine Man with unlimited spiritual power, warned me and Mr. Mayhem that our so-called “mistakes” could reanimate an ancient beast from its dormancy. So, waking Shicheii probably wasn’t the best idea. But the last time I woke Mr. Mayhem, a cunning warrior steeped in mystery and mystique… Well, let’s just say it didn’t go well.

If he and I hadn’t left two dead poachers in the forest surrounding the property, I wouldn’t have to make this decision. But those burning red eyes weren’t going away on their own. I had to do something, tell someone about the creature lurking outside my window. Those eyes didn’t belong to a normal animal.

With no other alternative, I padded into Mr. Mayhem’s dark and quiet bedroom. Even though this felt wrong on so many levels, I crept closer.

Steps away from the bed, Poe—his freakishly human crow companion—cracked open one eye, and I swear that bird chuckled under his breath, no doubt thinking, Good luck, asshole. Spirit Crow slept next to him, her brilliant white plumage glistening in the moonlight, delicate feet tucked under her body on the tribal blanket. Almost scentless, a slight hint of citrus surfed the air.

Moonbeams cascaded over Mr. Mayhem’s face and bare chest. Out cold, a deep sleep like last time. Uh-oh. From several feet away, I cleared my throat.

He didn’t budge.

A little louder—not too loud or I might wake Shicheii in the bedroom next door—I cleared my throat a second time, my insides screaming for me to leave.

Nothing. Not even a twitch of the eyelids.

Shit. I couldn’t call out without alerting my grandfather, but approaching Mr. Mayhem without fair warning could turn deadly fast. If touched, his first reaction was to attack, so nudging him was out of the question. Learned that little tidbit the hard way, and I certainly wasn’t in a hurry to do it again.

 Amidst a rising tide of poachers, three unlikely eco-warriors take a stand
to save endangered Eastern Gray Wolves—even if it means
the slow slaughter of their captors.

It’s release day! Grab your copy of Restless Mayhem for 99c on Amazon before the price rises to full retail.

Author Sue Coletta

 Sue Coletta is an award-winning crime writer and an active member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and International Thriller Writers. Feedspot and Expertido.org named her Murder Blog as “Best 100 Crime Blogs on the Net.” She also blogs at the Kill Zone (Writer’s Digest “101 Best Websites for Writers”) and Writers Helping Writers.

Sue lives with her husband in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and writes two psychological thriller series, the Mayhem Series and Grafton County Series, and true crime/narrative nonfiction. Sue teaches a virtual course about serial killers for EdAdvance in CT and a condensed version for her fellow Sisters In Crime. She’s appeared on the Emmy award-winning true crime series, Storm of Suspicion, and three episodes of A Time to Kill on Investigation Discovery (airs: summer, 2023).

Buy Link for All of Sue’s Books

You can reach Sue on Social Media here:

Thank you so much for being our guest today, Sue!
Here’s wishing you much success with Restless Mayhem.

70 thoughts on “#BonusGuestDay – Author #SueColetta – #NewRelease – #RestlessMayhem

  1. This book sounds terrific. Yes, my birth animal matches me perfectly. I am definitely a wolf. I have always thought my spirit animal was a butterfly or a hummingbird, but the description of the wolf fits me so well. Good luck, Sue with your new book. It will be soon on my Kindle.

    Liked by 5 people

  2. My birth animal is a crow too! Isn’t it interesting that I’m also a Libra, and both the animal and the sign represent balance?

    The opening scene is gripping! Congratulations the release of Restless Mayhem, Sue!

    Liked by 4 people

  3. What a fun post! My spirit animal is the bear, and I identify with its qualities. Who knew? Congratulations on Restless Mayhem, Sue. I’m captivated and want more! 😊 Thank you, Marcia, for showcasing Sue today. 🤗

    Liked by 2 people

  4. My birth animal is a beaver, and I think some traits match. I’m not sure about my spirit animal as I feel a connection to a few different ones, but I’ve been drawn to wolves lately. Your book sounds interesting and I’ll check it out.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Wonderful having you here as our guest today, Sue, and I love the idea of a BIRTH animal based on your date of birth and a SPIRIT animal based on something within you. I also like the “other” signs of the Zodiac, too and wonder how they might align with the Native American Zodiac?

      Being born on March 17 (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!) I’m a Pisces, and always thought the sign of the twin fishes fit me pretty well. By the Native American Zodiac, I’m a Wolf, and darn if that doesn’t seem to fit, too, with some definite similarities. I love it!

      As for my spirit animal, it’s hard for me to figure out because I love and feel connected to so many. I couldn’t live without cats. (Never in all my 79 years have I NOT had a cat or two … or four, like now … in my house.) But I also feel very connected to other animals of many sorts. For instance, snakes. I love them and am truly fascinated by them. And definitely birds, too. So, I don’t know for sure what my spirit animal might be. Still pondering, here.

      Thanks for sharing such a fun and interesting post, Sue, and here’s to huge success with Restless Mayhem! I’m planning to read this series in my favorite way, from Book 1 through to the end, wherever you might wrap it up.

      Thanks again for sharing with us today! 🤗❤️🤗

      (Note: I may not be here for a large chunk of the day, but will catch up with everyone’s comments later.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m still chuckling over our miscommunication regarding which zodiac this is based on, Marcia. Hilarious!

        It takes time to figure out your Spirit Animal. Is there one animal that you feel drawn to? And by drawn, I mean, it’s a deep yearning to connect with that animal, something inherent and emotional on a subconscious level. The connection comes from your soul.

        For me, every time I spot a crow, my stomach flutters, my heartbeat races a little, even though Poe et al spend most of their day here. Doesn’t matter. When they soar into my yard each morning, they take my breath away. Also, your Spirit Animal tends to find you first. Wherever I go, even in other states, crows gather near me. It’s uncanny and undeniable.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hmmm … there are several animals I feel drawn to, Sue. Honestly, it’s hard to pick one. I could not LIVE without at least one cat in the house, I know that. But I’m always beyond happy when I see our resident black racers slipping through the grass out back. Still … I don’t have to have a snake in the house with me to be happy. 😁 I DO have to have a cat. Or two. Or three. So I’m leaning toward that one. 😊

          Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Olga! Since the Mayhem Series twisted into a new genre (from pure psychological thrillers to Native American metaphysical thrillers) in book 5, it’s much easier to pick up Unnatural Mayhem (#5) or Restless Mayhem (#6) and not feel lost. If you do read them, I hope you enjoy!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. This was an intriguing post! Turns out I’m an otter, and I probably match a good 80-90% of the traits. How interesting!

    Sue, congratulations on your new Mayhem release. I’m wishing you many sales.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing you on A Time to Kill. I’ve got to see if I get Investigation Discovery. Do you know the summer air dates, yet?

    Liked by 2 people

  6. The birth animal information is quite intriguing. Mine is an owl but, like you, I love crows! Something tells me I need to replace my old Kindle which no longer works so that I can see what Mr. Mayhem is up to with his hair-trigger temperament!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aww, I feel a kinship with fellow crow lovers. ❤ It's funny that you're an owl, Nancy. Owls and crows are mortal enemies. LOL

      I couldn't live without my Kindle. If you do read Restless Mayhem, I hope you enjoy it!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. What an interesting post, Sue and Marcia! Anyone who knows me knows my affinity for Spirit Animals, and mine is the Mountain lion. Interestingly enough, my birth animal is the Salmon, so different. Thank you so much for sharing. I am SO looking forward to reading this book! Thank you, Marcia, for hosting.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Congrats on your latest release, Sue! I saw it on my Kindle last night. Woodpecker is my birth animal, but I am not all that organized or frugal. I think bears are mine, along with cats 🙂

    Thanks for hosting, Marcia 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Fab post! Congrats to Sue on her latest release! Loved the excerpt and off to grab a copy. Also, thanks for sharing astrological animal signs. Lol, I’m a deer and the description is so me! Hugs ❤ xx

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Native American Spirit Animals and Zodiac Birth animals were completely new to me. It’s been fascinating learning about them and Sue’s Mr Mayhem series sounds creepy! (Well, you know all about my Nevermore crow!!) Many thanks, Marcia.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. That was fun. My husband and I are both Otters. 🙂 What a cool birth chart to incorporate into the story, Sue. And you intrigued me about how it’s tied to the story. Thanks for not giving anything away. Hehe. Great excerpt. Congrats on the latest book. And thanks for hosting, Marcia.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was very happy to have Sue visiting here on TWS, Diana, and even happier to know you enjoyed her post. I agree, it was everything you mentioned.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to let us know your thoughts! 😀 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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