#ThankYou Everybody, With a Special Thanks to #GwenPlano!

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who stopped by yesterday for #GuestDayTuesday with Gwen Plano, featuring her latest book, Redemption. It was lovely having Gwen visit The Write Stuff, and it was wonderful seeing all the beautiful comments from everyone, too. I wasn’t able to respond to  each one, as I usually do, though I know you all understand. You folks are the best!

Gwen, thanks again for visiting here,  and I hope you’ll stop back by again, soon. You’re always welcome, my friend!

Wishing you MUCH success with this latest book!


20 thoughts on “#ThankYou Everybody, With a Special Thanks to #GwenPlano!

    • Wooohooooo! I’m so HAPPY that you like Rabbit! Thank you so much for letting me know, as it definitely made my morning. He’s such a treat to write, and I really hope to get the spinoff novella I’ve started published before summer officially arrives. It’s already anywhere from 85 to 92 degrees or so outside, so I can’t go by the weather. 😀 Hope you enjoy Harbinger!

      I’m doing better each day, I think, and you are so welcome for the post and encouragement. Well earned! YOU are a great guest and I definitely look forward to having you visit more often!


      • Aw, thanks, Trish! I was going to finish CH 3 of the CC&D novella today, then discovered I’d LOST the first half!!! I was very upset, but I can only assume I somehow failed to save the document when I wrote it. Now I have to start over tomorrow, and try to recreate that opening scene.

        Mark thought I’d know every word of it, since I wrote it. GAH. I tried to tell him I knew what happened in the scene, in what order, and why, but I did NOT have a mental copy of every sentence and turn of phrase. He still doesn’t understand why not. 🙄 At any rate, I will rewrite it, and come up with something I like, even though it’s sure to be at least slightly different from what I had. And then I’ll move on, making forward progress, if all goes well. (And saving every time I start a new paragraph, too! 😀 )

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          • I know, and thanks for the encouragement. I can write it anew, but I’ll always wonder if the first one was better! DOH!!! At any rate, I hope to get some serious writing time in tomorrow. Crossing my fingers here. 😀 ❤


            • I went through my links to your blog last night, just in case Rabbit was still hanging on there. He wasn’t, sadly. All that I could find were comments. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must have been, but things have a way of working out for the better. ❤ ❤ ❤

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              • Oh, I’m sorry I confused you, Trish. This was never posted to our blog. I had only written the one scene & thought I had saved it in my WIP folder, but it wasn’t there, and a search of the computer turned up nothing. Apparently I forgot to save the document. ☹️☹️☹️

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